Lacing them up and pinning on a bib number is a great way to enhance your journey in this sport. Participating in trail races offer a variety of woot worthy fun.

Dirt Lovin’ Community Party

Spend the day with some great people in sweet natural environments. Lots of positive mojo to take home with you and support other aspects of your life.

Explore New Trails

Races offer a great way to check out new trails with course markings to lead you on these guided adventures. A camera and big smiles recommended.

High-5s, Hugs, and Ham Sandwiches

Most trail races have super supportive and welcoming aid stations that can help rejuvenate the mind, fill the bottle, and provide a tasty treat to help fuel you to the next aid station. Don’t stay too long, you may not want to leave.

Take It Up a Notch

If looking to explore a new distance, it can be nice to have fellow runners around to offer a “goo-shob” to each other.

Here are a few of our trail running related articles created to support your racing adventures.

Btw, If looking for regional races (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM), be sure to check out our TALON race Calendar which highlights over 170 trail/ultra adventures in the region. Simply sign up for our email newsletter. We are always on the hunt for new races and updating the calendar.

First Race Insight

Drop Bags

Nutrition Support

*Individual results vary. Everyone must find what works for them. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Mental Musings


Paper Cup-free Racing

100 Milers

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