I have put together a number of groovy resources that can be useful during your trail and ultra running journey. It will be a living page so as I find new awesome info or items to support your journey, this page will be updated for easy reference.


[Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links, and at NO cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you would decide to make purchase. All affiliate links are from products or resources I or my contributors have personally used.]


TALON Race Calendar: A continuously updated trail and ultra running race calender that we maintain with over 170 races within Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Sign up for our free newsletter for instant access to local race goodness.

TALON Trails: A resource listing ways to find miles and miles of dirt and adventure in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

To find trails races outside the TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) region, a couple good ones included the Trail Runner Calendar and the Ultrarunning Calendar.


Running Warehouse: Running clothes, shoes, packs, handhelds, headlamps, sports nutrition, recovery, and more. 10% discount after going through this link and entering the EB coupon code buzzy10 at check-out. FREE 2-Day Shipping. Great customer service.

REI: Everything outdoor related.

tasc Performance: Extremely comfy active casual wear made from Bamboo and Organic Cotton. Great for those cooler months and locations. Click here to check out Julie’s review of some of her tasc fun wear. I own at least six tasc shirts. My goto running threads during the cooler months. Enjoy a special 20% discount with discount code ebuzz20 at checkout.

RoofBag: A great soft car top carriers for those racing and adventure trips when you need extra storage space. Waterproof. Easy to quickly install. Quality material. Made in US. Good value. 2 year warranty. We have owned the Cross Country Carrier since May 2012 and it has seen big rains, heavy winds (while driving over 75 mph, legally 🙂 ), snow, sun, and dirt. The carrier has remained snug to our vehicle throughout our travels and everything inside in the same state as when we started the journey. Plus the carrier is still in great shape! What I ordered for my Subaru Outback: Cross Country 11 cf black, Protective Mat (protective and adds night “grip” with carrier and roof surface), 2 additional straps for rack, storage bag.

Alps Mountaineering (Alps Mountaineering Amazon Products Page): For those that enjoy the beautiful camping opportunities our sport provides, Alps Mountaineering creates high quality tents at modest prices. I own the Maramac 6 and it works great for our family of four. Easy to set up and tear down. Quality design and material. I also own one of their self-inflating air pads. Very happy with both products.

Hammer Nutrition: A wide range of sport nutrition and supplements. Since starting my endurance sports journey back in 2000, I have used a variety of the Hammer Nutrition products (gels, bars, HEED, and Recoverite) throughout the years. You can also receive a 15% discount for a first-time purchase.


STRAVA (online):  Track your training and racing. There are also community/groups features to it as well from my understanding. Btw, I haven’t been much of a “tracker” in the last few years so I haven’t used this online tool, but it is one I have seen a number of trail runners using.


TALON Trail Running Coaches: A living article listing TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) trail running coaches.






New Mexico



  • Born to Run by Christopher McDougall – A page turner filled with ultra runner entertainment with the likes of Scott Jurek, Jenn Shelton, Ann Trason, and others. (my review)
  • Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes – Dean running all night eating pizza, what’s not to like?!?


  • Got to Live by Jay Danek – After his father’s death, Jay shares his healing journey through running 923 straight days. (my review)
  • Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich – Marshall shares his adventure running 3000 miles in 52 days as he ran across the United States. (my review)

TALON Authors



MobilityWOD Youtube Videos: Lots of self care mobility ideas. I have and continue to use a number mobility approaches shared by Kelly Starrett that helped with knee tweaks (symptom) and have become part of my general “maintenance” routine.

Tiger Tail Portable Massage Tool – A great portable massage tool. Love my Tiger Tail! I will use the 18″ Tiger Tail after ever run (calves, quads, and some hamstrings) and will even use it during longer ultra races where it will be strategically placed in one of my drop bags. Quickly work through the calves and quads, then get back on the trail. (my review)

Footlog: Achy feet no more! I have owned and used my Footlog for over 10 years…and I still use it regularly today. One minute of rolling the bottom of my feet often before bed and upon waking…awesome, just awesome. One of the best $20 I have ever spent in sport. Made in the U.S. and will last forever.

Lacrosse Balls: Low-cost way to hit various muscle regions of the body. You will see references to them in the MobilityWOD videos as well. I most frequently use them for the hip/bumper area and through the muscle area above the knee cap (lower quad area).

Trigger Point Performance Starter Set: I use my Trigger Point set as part of my every-other-day maintenance route. I use the small roller for my calves and the ball to often work in the hips/bumper and knee areas.

Airrosti: Active recovery centers.

Rick Merriam (Engaging Muscles): A north Texas massage therapist with a deep passion for bio-mechanics and proper body function.


RoadID: Great piece-of-mind safety for those living the active life. I have owned the Wrist ID Sport since my early triathlon days. Great products and great people.

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