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EB45: From Golfer to Ultrarunner – White Rock Classic 50k and the Western States 100 Moment – A Chat with David Newman


“…I am not out there looking at splits…just out there enjoying nature and running…and having fun with people. That is what it is all about.” – David Newman

David Newman of Arkansas was a 20 year golfer that had to change his active life fix due to painful back issues. While driving, he observed someone running and said, “I can do that!”



So began David’s tread journey including the roads, trails, ultra running, and the upcoming Western States 100.

I had the honor to chat with David after recently completing the White Rock Classic 50k in 6:21, which took place up near Cass, Arkansas. Enjoy our chat that includes the following musings and useful goodies for you:

  • David’s transition from golfer to ultra runner
  • that tough first road marathon
  • “10 yards at a time, looking for air” – the trails at Hobbs State Park and that first 50k adventure
  • why trails?
  • training and prep for Western States 100
  • the golden ticket moment
  • favorite and inspiring reads
  • memories from the White Rock Classic 50k

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EB44: 1500 Miles of Rocky Raccoon 100 – A Chat with Bobby Keogh


65 year old, Bobby Keogh of New Mexico, has nearly ran the greatest north-south distances of the contiguous United States in his accumulated finish miles at the Rocky Raccoon 100 alone!

This year, Bobby completed his 15th Rocky Raccoon 100 and puts himself in a very small group, count it – 2, that have experienced 1500 miles of pineywoods goodness.

Bobby wearing some special bling courtesy of the DamNation aid station at Rocky Raccoon 100. (credit: Deborah Sexton)

Bobby wearing some special bling courtesy of the DamNation aid station at Rocky Raccoon 100. (credit: Deborah Sexton)

From growing up on the flat terrain within Grand Forks, North Dakota, Bobby acquired a love of the mountains and eventually ultra running after moving to New Mexico.

While early on it was a struggle to simply walk the hills to the college campus, in the distance the Sandia mountains welcomed a visit. To the top he went and would look back on the city below.

“This is cool!”

Greatly inspired by the youth he helped and supported at New Mexico’s Philmont Scout Ranch, Bobby wanted to find a way to challenge himself, to explore his own limits.

Ultra running became the challenge of choice.

Enjoy my chat with Bobby that includes the following musings and useful goodies for you:

  • running background including his first marathon at Grandma’s in northern Minnesota
  • the transition to New Mexico and beginning his trail/ultra journey thanks to the inspiration from his time helping youth at Philmont
  • nose-in-navel memories at first official trail race in New Mexico
  • the Mount Taylor quad
  • how Bobby has tried to keep running and the passion burning for the sport as he travels through his 60s
  • reflections of some of the amazing early ultra athletes
  • a great Deadman Peaks race story showcasing our great people and community
  • getting out of the mental funk
  • memories from The Ghost Town 38.5 Trail Run
  • the heat exhaustive memories from that first Rocky back in 1997
  • the joy of finding that shoe and the shortest run in them being 44 miles
  • lead-up to Rocky Raccoon 2015 – 2 big races
  • Bobby’s reasons why three weeks between big 100 mile races is doable, and maybe even “optimal”
  • memories from Rocky Raccoon 2015

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Snowshoe Running – Trails Not Required


Check out a brief video of snowshoe running in the cornfields of Minnesota.

Snowshoe Running – Trails Not Required from Yellow Bird Flight on Vimeo.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a snowy destination and are yearning to get in some trail running, give snowshoe running a try!

Snowshoe running is a lot like trail running yet the intensity and challenge offer a great way to get your heart racing and your quads burning with only your winter trail running gear and two additional requirements – snowshoes and snow.


Snowshoes have been around for thousands of years and were originally made from a heavy frame wrapped in hide strips designed to create a deck allowing the user to float above soft snow. Today’s snowshoe materials are drastically different but provide the same basic function. However, snowshoe running differs from traditional snowshoeing in a variety of ways.

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EB35: For the Love of Running – 2014 Oklahoma Dirt Trail Series Women’s Champ – A Chat with Katie Kramer-Ochoa


“I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t a runner.” – Katie Kramer-Ochoa

From growing up and attending college in Iowa, to moving and living in northern Oklahoma, Katie Kramer-Ochoa has always loved to lace them up and head out the door. Katie won the 2014 Oklahoma Dirt Trail Series (FB page) and was first across the finish line in seven of the eight adventures she entered.


Enjoy my chat with Katie that includes the following musings and useful goodies for you:

  • running for over 20 years
  • first trail race memories
  • favorite local trail for some miles
  • enjoyment of cross training
  • favorite running read
  • a couple trail newbie running tips
  • Oklahoma Dirt Trail Series memories including almost breaking the men’s course record at Pumpkin Holler 25km, and nearly dropping out of the Half and Half.

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EB43: 130 Mile Self-Supported Thru-Hike of the NorthEast Texas Trail – A Chat with Riley Evans


Fellow trail runner, Riley (Jacob) Evans of Texas, was the first person to successfully thru-hike the entire 130 mile NorthEast Texas Trail (NETT) self-supported in 69 hours 15 minutes and 30 seconds!



This fascinating and challenging journey began on the morning of February 3rd as good friend, Lynn Ballard (fearless leader of the DamNation aid station at Rocky Raccoon 100) sent Riley down the trail heading east from the town of New Boston, Texas, tucked in the north eastern corner of the state.

Riley would spend the next nearly three days working his way along the developed and less developed NETT system on way to finishing the journey in Farmersville, Texas, just northeast of the DFW metro area.

The NETT Coalition (non-profit) has hopes of having the entire 130 mile trail system officially open in 2015. And once it is officially complete, it will be the longest hike/bike/equestrian trail in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States!

Enjoy my chat with Riley that includes his journey in endurance sports and other musings and useful goodies:

  • what started his love of endurance sports
  • exploring the triathlon scene and memories from his first multi-sport adventure at Metroplex Sprint Tri
  • a triathlon journey that progressed to the Ironman distance and participating in the Ironman World Championship on the island of Kona in Hawaii
  • first trail run at Pikes Peak Ascent – one of the most scary and incredible experiences. Hey look, it’s hailing.
  • first local trail race at Hog’s Hunt
  • what you do when you see a bear at mile 50 of a 100km
  • why endurance sports?
  • cross training and high intensity training
  • small towns, amazing people, Allsup burritos, and a special sunset and moon rise experience at the 890 mile RAT (Race Across Texas) on Mountain Bike
  • plus a buffet table of moments and memories of traveling by foot for 130 miles from New Boston to Farmersville, Texas

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EB37: Ultra Training and Racing with the Whole30 Nutrition Program – Ask Meredith


Welcome to our Ask Meredith feature on the Endurance Buzz Podcast where Texas-based nutritionist and ultra athlete, Meredith Terranova shares her thoughts on questions you submit on the Ask Meredith page.

Let’s get to it!

A member of the EB tribe submitted the following question:

“What are your thoughts on ultrarunners following the Whole30® plan? Is it best to keep the plan to 30 days and then add back in the foods or could it work to continue the plan even if the foods don’t cause issues? How about on race day?”

Enjoy as Meredith and I chat about the Whole30® program with considerations for ultra training and racing.

Insights and musings include:

  • before we get to our Whole30® chat, Meredith shares a couple wonderful memories from her Ultraman experience
  • basics of the Whole30® program
  • important food choices awareness tip
  • considerations and adaptations for race day
  • Meredith shares her own nutritional choices during the Ultraman
  • Be open! Listen to your body

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From a 17 Year Smoker to a Top Texas Trail Runner: A Chat with Thomas Orf – 2014 Texas Trail Series Ultra Men’s Champ – EB42

“If a person can do it, as long as you want to do it, you can do it.” – Thomas Orf

Thomas Orf of Texas won the Ultra Men’s division of the 2014 Texas Trail Running Series. Thomas put together three top 100 mile series finishes along with earning the series win at the final race, a 100 miler, the Brazos Bend 100.

Thomas started his endurance sports journey in 2007 after dropping a 17 year smoking habit which he no longer wanted in his family’s life. Thomas’s focus and energy transitioned to his bucket list – run a marathon. From there, the love of running began to grow. Watching the Bandwater film, Running on the Sun, triggered a deep interest in the ultra world. As so his journey into trail running began.


Thomas and his family

Enjoy my chat with Thomas that includes the following musings and useful goodies for you:

  • the transition from smoker to Boston qualifier
  • Watching the Running on the Sun film and wanting to run farther
  • the not-so-enjoyable early days of trail running
  • memories from his first trail race, the Bandera 100k. Teaser – it hurt.
  • exploring the 100 mile distance
  • one of the biggest attractions of the sport he did not expect
  • favorite local trails (Austin area)
  • favorite running books
  • a useful tip and insight on patience and why you may want to turn your race strategy upside-down
  • how Thomas wants the first 50M of a 100M race to feel like
  • 2014 Texas Trail Series memories

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