David’s Endurance Sports Journey

A recap of my endurance sports journey beginning in 2000:

Shortly after “birth” (in 2000), I also became passionate about nutrition and what I put into my body since I feel it has such and impact on overall health, athletic recovery, and athletic performance.  I am not perfect (whatever that is) with all of my food choices but I am now more consciously aware of what I put in my mouth which has given me the opportunity to make better choices.

Endurance sports have been a life changing event for me and my family. I am grateful for the re-introduction to movement and a health oriented life-style.

Texas snow run!

I am currently deeply focused and passionate about trail and ultra running. I also own a north Texas trail run events company called Endurance Buzz Adventures that focuses on providing groovy races on some of the sweetest trails in the area.

Be great!

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