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Oh, That Dirty Word! Do I Really Have To?

Crosstraining. The word we, as we “become” runners, despise. The word we look down upon, as completely out of our uppity new relationship with sport in general. We run! We are runners! Who needs to do all those silly things – go to the gym, take stinky spin classes, visit scary yoga studios? We can […]

Training and Fun-Running: Why Are They Viewed Separately?

I call it “Generation Born to Run”. You know, McDougal’s book about drunken Jenn Shelton, a bunch of Indians in Mexico playing ball while running, bare footing and just having plain ol’ fun. At any age, sounds so awesome in our old age when job and family responsibilities are weighing so heavily on our shoulders. […]

An Ultrarunner’s Asset – Patience

“Just a little patience…yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh” While reading a good interview with one fast and tough ultrarunner, Pam Reed (on, the part that resonated with me the most was the advice she gave for ultrarunners (and all runners). A few of the key points: “You’re way more capable of doing things than you think you are…Nobody […]

7 Reasons Why Running on a Treadmill Rocks!

The treadmill is probably the most negatively talked about piece of running gear/equipment. One of the most affectionate names often given to it is the dreadmill. Ouch! And this is one of the nicer words. Why do we have such angst for a running tool that simply sits there waiting to help you reach your […]

Road ID Holiday Discount – Be Safe

As ultra endurance athletes this should be a no-brainer (but is not) – Carry some form of ID with you when you are out on your adventures whether large or small. If something unfortunate should happen, it certainly would be beneficial for those first to the scene to have a name, city/state, phone numbers, and even medical […]

How To Update Garmin Forerunner 305 Firmware

Fitness watches are like mini-computers and have periodic software upgrades to fix various bugs and improve the functionality of the device. The Garmin Forerunner 305 is no different. How do you know if you need to update? I recently became aware of an update available (current firmware version: 2.90 (as of this writing)) when I […]

How Many Miles Are On Your Running Shoes?

You have been rolling along through your spring and early summer run training without much drama. Now all of a sudden you are starting to feel a few minor tweaks on your legs and joints. Why now? One of those reasons could be your shoe odometer may be getting a bit high. It may be […]