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Portals to Trail and Ultra Running Awesomeness

Trail and ultra running is such a dust granule segment of the running world that surprisingly contains a bountiful collection of resources both local and beyond, that share groovy information and entertainment for our wacky tribe! Let’s meet many of them.

4 Cool Ways to Display Your Race Medals

What to do with all those race finisher medals? Well, here are four cool ways to showcase your bling and one neat way to have your medal make a difference in someone else’s life. 1. Display Racks – These are made to order and offer some of the nicest looking, well-built medal display racks […]

4 Ways to Bring-the-Fun During the Last 40 Miles of a 100 Mile Trail Race

I would like to welcome one of our new Endurance Buzz contributors, Melanie Fryar! Melanie enjoys running fast but also keeps it all in perspective with a big focus on the simple love of running and keeping it fun! Enjoy as Melanie shares her first article with us! What’s Fun About Running 100 Miles? During […]

Does Scott Jurek Fall Down?

I wonder if Scott Jurek falls down…I’m sure he has to. Running all those miles on all those trails all over the world, he must trip and stumble every once in awhile. I am not wishing a fall on my most revered of ultrarunners, mind you. But, it seems like knowing this would help me […]

The View from the Back of the Pack: Who’s Who

I want to welcome one of our new Endurance Buzz contributors, Shelly Diaz of Texas! Shelly began running on the trails one year ago and has found a home on the dirt and in the trail community. She doesn’t take the sport or life too seriously and puts a focus on the fun. Enjoy and […]

When Too Much is Enough Already

I finished my last 100 mile race in June of 2012. There were times I would bounce back in a week and get back in training after any race, a 100 miler including. I would race every other weekend on a level that required a push and competitive zest, and then get right back into […]

Is Ultra Distance Running More a Mental or Physical Challenge?

[Hey folks, below you will see the first article by Joe Prusaitis, a veteran ultra runner from Texas. Joe has significant experience on a wide range of running topics and we are stoked to share some of them right here on EB!  – David] According to Yogi Berra, ‘baseball is ninety percent mental and the […]