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Merrell Bare Access 2 Running Shoe Review

Spunky. Ground hugging comfort. Compact yet roomy. Bold styling. Get yourself behind the wheel of your very own BMW…for your feet – the Merrell Bare Access 2. Jason Taylor and I have had the opportunity to test drive this zero-drop tread and have accumulated over 200 miles between the two of us. Marketed as a […]

Luke’s Locker Running Store – Now In Allen Texas

For those in the Allen Texas area, a new specialty running store is in town – Luke’s Locker. Luke’s now has eight stores in the state of Texas. The location is within the Waters Creek shopping area ( southwest corner of 75 and Bethany Drive). What’s Inside? Here are some of the things that caught […]

10 Reasons Why Running Sucks!

Running can be such a pain in the a$$. Why do we do it? Here are ten reasons why you don’t want to lace up those running shoes. 1. Less Lazy Boy time. Running allows less time to vegetate in front of the mind-numbing television and you may miss some of the life-enhancing reality TV […]

How Many Miles Are On Your Running Shoes?

You have been rolling along through your spring and early summer run training without much drama. Now all of a sudden you are starting to feel a few minor tweaks on your legs and joints. Why now? One of those reasons could be your shoe odometer may be getting a bit high. It may be […]

Running Gear For Your Noggin

You have your running shorts, shirt, socks, shoes, water, and a bit of fuel to keep you going. Depending on the conditions of the day, a rather simple piece of noggin’ gear can add to the enjoyment of the run. It really can! For example, salty sweat dripping into your eyes throughout a two hour […]

Shoe Wallet Field Test – Results

After two three mile runs…broken. After mentioning the Shoe Wallet as one of the possible ways to carry some form of identification during your training runs, I decided to purchase a couple samples of the product to test out. My wife was the official field tester for this product. What a sport! Installation: No problems. […]

Successful Training Plan Secret Revealed

We are at a moment in endurance sports history where confusion and uncertainty exists around every corner. Should I run my long run at 7:00 min/mile or 7:05 min/mile? So I need to run 100 mile weeks to be a fast runner? Do I need to run seven days a week? In times of great […]