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Savoring the Dance with Shaheen Sattar to a 9th Place Female Finish at the Western States 100: An Adventure Report by Steve Henderson

EB: Shaheen Sattar of Texas ran her first uber-competitive Western States 100 and finished in the highly prized top-10 women with a time of 21:20:49 and 9th place honors. Enjoy as Steve Henderson graciously shares his perspective of this journey as a supporter of many hats – training partner, boyfriend, crew, and pacer. To start, […]

No Cow Left Behind: Gunnison 100k Trail Run Race Report by Jason Bousliman

Enjoy the scamper report by Jason Bousliman of New Mexico who traveled to Colorado for a 100km adventure at the Gunnison 100k Trail Run. Overall: Fantastic 100K (62 mile race). Very well organized first year event by Ever Run Racing. Outstanding course, great field, and tremendous volunteers. Very satisfied to finish. Congrats to Duncan Callahan […]

Jemez Trail Run 50M Race Report 2014: Snowflakes Gone Wild

What started as wonderful running conditions earlier in the morning was now rain and falling temperatures as I left Pajarito Canyon aid station at mile 31.4 of the 52.2 mile New Mexico adventure. I was thankful for the large black garbage bag that currently kept my core mostly warm and dry. The extremities on the […]

2014 LOViT 100k Race Report

Each bench along the trail looked so at peace. They faced the sparkling Lake Ouachita positioned besides the pine needle covered single-track within the Ouachita National Forest. To witness the changing seasons, the twinkling stars within the dark night-time hours, the majestic lightning storms, these benches must be the envy of the forest. The entire […]

Ouachita Switchbacks 2014 Results: Race Report – Stream Whisperer

On January 18, a low-key FA trail scamper for 78 runners took place on the Ouachita trail single-track in eastern Oklahoma for the second annual Ouachita Switchbacks. Great running conditions welcomed runners to a challenging and beautiful single-track scamper to the top of Winding Stair Mountain before retracing your path back to the start-finish. Those […]

Rugged and Raw Trail Run 20 km Race Report: Hey, Who Turned on the Air Conditioning?

Recently I ran the Rugged and Raw 20 km trail scamper at a fun, challenging, and scenic little trail system at the Cedar Ridge Preserve, located a short drive southwest of Dallas. The whole family made the trip down and we were all excited for breakfast burritos at Pollo Salsa post-race. Temps at the start […]

I Left My Shoes in Sabah: The Most Beautiful Thing 100 km Race Report by Mariela Botella

Enjoy as TALON athlete, Mariela Botella, shares her beautiful and challenging 100 km trail adventure on the island of Borneo. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to run the Colourcoil TMBT ‘The Most Beautiful Thing’ 100K Ultra Trail Marathon in Sabah, Borneo. When I was informed back in March that I would be going to […]