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Declaration of Ultrapendence – 2015 Leadville 100 Race Report by Jason Bousliman

Enjoy a Leadville 100 race report by New Mexico athlete, Jason Bousliman. When in the course of human ultra-events it becomes necessary for one person to dissolve their dreams of running 100 miles at Leadville and stop running at 78 miles, a decent respect to their efforts, and the sacrifices made by their family, requires […]

Jemez 36M 2015 Memories – Plus Drooling, Camping, and the Return to EB

Just wanted to provide a quick update on my Jemez 50 Mile DNF last month and why it has been so quiet on EB for the last six weeks. Jemez 50M DNF The Jemez Mountain Trail Run is a favorite race of mine and takes place in the beautiful New Mexico mountain terrain surrounding Los Alamos […]

Potawatomi 150 Mile Trail Run – 2015 Race Report by Nathan Jackson

Dave: Enjoy as Nathan Jackson of Texas shares his race winning scamper at the Potawatomi 150 Mile Trail Run on the challenging McNaughton Park trail system in the state of Illinois. 150 miles. Simply typing that conjures up images of some lost soul traveling a desolate landscape searching for an oasis. Fortunately for me, there […]

Way Too Cool 50k Race Report: A Welcome Back Never Hurt So Good

Enjoy as Jason Taylor shares his return to racing at the Way Too Cool 50k in California. – Dave It’s been nearly two years since my last “race”. In that time I finished PT school, had a baby, started a new career, started a post-doctorate residency…blah blah blah. You know, you’ve all been there. Time […]

2014 Cactus Rose 50 Race Report: 1.55 in 15

Surfing. With your shoes as the board, and the loose rocks combined with the steep pitch become a good little wave. Our small little group of three glided down the final technical descent, Lucky Peak, hoping to stay upright on our boards. We could feel the closeness of the 50 mile finish line in the distance […]

I’ll Never Finish Leadville – 2014 Leadville 100 Race Report by Jason Bousliman

This is the story of my attempt to run the Leadville Trail 100 in August of 2014. Technically, the race started at 4:00 am in downtown Leadville on August 15, 2014. More accurately, the race started 29 years ago in my hometown of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. I was ten when my mom first told me about […]

Angel Fire 50k Race Report: Moments

The Angel Fire 50k, a late June adventure, became a great opportunity for the entire fam to head to the mountains surrounded by beautiful views, sunny skies, green – lots of green, and the cooler air of northeast New Mexico. With our condo window overlooking the start/finish area, we couldn’t have asked for a better […]