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Becoming a Better Version of Self – Our Chat with David Infante

“Everything shook. The whole world shook.” David Infante’s first run out his door in New Mexico wasn’t pretty. Do you remember your first run or your first anything where you hadn’t developed many (or any) of the skills for the activity? It can be awkward, uncomfortable, and even painful. Yet, sometimes there is something inside […]

Filling the Emotional Cup, Body Resilience, and Bamboo Scrambles – Our Chat with EJ Gonzalez

235 pounds and inactive. 170 pounds one year later. EJ Gonzalez of Texas made a choice. A choice to return to the active life. To work on himself as much as he was supporting others in the corporate world. Lacing up the tread and heading out the door was the most natural start to EJ’s […]

Hill Running Lessons, Increasing Mental Toughness, and Being One of Five to Survive the Prairie Spirit 100 Snowmageddon – Our Chat with John Nobles

“Hey, do you want to join us?” How many of us have started a journey in some area of life based on someone asking if we would be interested in giving it a try and taking us under their wings? I may not have found endurance sports if a good friend in 2000 didn’t share a […]

EB67: Managing Depression and Reawakening your Soul with the Running Pill – DanMan Challenge – Our Chat with Nikki Davis

“Why don’t you go for a run!?!” This absurd thought passed through Nikki Davis’s head while drinking another cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette. Athletic – never. After returning home from the 30 minute walk/run, Nikki surprisingly felt empowered, she “felt good”. This became a small win that created a significant positive ripple through […]

EB66: Running 587.5 Miles Across Texas – Our Chat with Eddie Yanick

How about running 22 back-to-back marathons (plus a bit more) across 24 days? That is what 23 year old Eddie Yanick of Texas did during his 587.5 mile adventure at the Race Across Texas earlier this year that included hail and snow, body breakdown and adaptation, speaking to children in schools along the way, support […]

EB65: Super Nerd to Ultra Athlete, How Running Can Adapt and Support Your Life Today, Benefits of Volunteering at a Race when Injured, Confessions of a Cookie-aholic – Possum Kingdom Trail Run – Our Chat with Lesley Jones

To support a race with a beneficiary close to Lesley Jones and her family’s heart brought her back to the sport of running after a 10 year break. The half marathon at the Dallas White Rock Marathon provided some tough-love lessons on training, nutrition, hydration, and one from her supportive father at mile 10 when her […]

EB64: The Joy of Running with the Crazies – The Maze 30k – Our Chat with Jess Chaffee

Soccer flowed through Jess Chaffee’s blood. After college, she quickly transitioned to a sport that had many of the same special components the made soccer such a joy – the preparation, the challenge, the competition, and a surprise – the community. Instead of cleats, Jess laced up some running tread and began preparing for her first 5 km. […]