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Lake McMurtry 25 km Trail Run – 2012 Race Report

A 25 km trail run. Then some brief fish time as Griffin (my five year old son) wanted to catch a lunker from the rocky shores of Lake McMurtry. His first cast. “I got a fish!” Life is good. And then we said goodbye to Lake McMurtry.

A-OK 25 km Trail Run – 2012 Race Report

The hypnotic flame from burning wood warming my body and soul. The brief conversations with the trail running family as we each come and go during our pre-race preparation. The rising sun penetrating through the majestic trees and enhancing the nearby rocks, pine needles, and small tranquil pond. Trail Running. This was the Hanenburg tribe’s first […]

Pumpkin Holler 50 km Race Report-plus 2011

It was Friday morning and the sun was just beginning to rise. By mid-morning the entire family would be on the road into TATUR country for the inaugural Pumpkin Holler 50 km followed by a couple days at Beaver’s Bend State Park. I looked over at my four year old son who was snuggled between […]

Twins – Endurance Buzz Adventures and our little Walnut

If you didn’t know, life is awesomely (is that a word?) full right now in the Hanenburg tribe. Baby EBA – Born Earlier this week I launched a new project of mine – Endurance Buzz Adventures! This little dirt lovin’ tribe will deliver trail running experiences on the sweetest trails in the north Texas area […]

Capt Karl’s the Falls 30 km Trail Run Race Report – 15 Hour Adventure

Just finished hooking the timing chip to my right shoe and pinning bib #246 in a haphazard 45 degree angle on the left leg thigh fabric of my black running shorts. “Two minutes till we start!!”, Race director Joe Prusaitis announced while standing on a ladder at the start of the 30 km race. The Drive Tim […]

Road Trippin’ to the Falls 30k This Weekend

Getting ready to road trip down with local speedster TJ, for a fun nighttime adventure at the Falls 30 km trail run down at Pedernales State Park northwest of Austin. 7:15 PM Start Starting temperature ~100F Finishing temperature ~90F Control what you can to the best of your ability. What does that mean for me? […]

Jemez Knockin and More Toenail Polish Needed

Planning. Emails. Phone Calls. Jemez. Excited? Yeah baby! The Jemez adventure is now just over a week away and has a few unique aspects for me: Jemez 50 km will be my first high-altitude mountain race. (course flyover) I will be running, hiking, and maybe crawling through this adventure with good friend and ultra newbie, […]