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How Much Salt?

It’s been close to a year since I wanted to write this article. Ever since I cramped like there is no tomorrow back at Cheaha 50k in February last year (and I NEVER cramp). I then repeated the same extreme seizing of every muscle in the lower body, from lower back to toes and everything […]

My Paleo Journey

(Note: The first few short paragraphs of this article had been re-used and adapted from a Foreword I had written for a book by Iva Paleckova with her kind permission.) It took me a while to finally gather my thoughts together to write this foreword. Life was busy with family, a full time job, full time […]

Nutritional Awareness Off the Trail – Meredith Terranova UltrarunnerPodcast

Texas ultra athlete, nutritionist, and Endurance Buzz contributor, Meredith Terranova, did a great podcast with the crew at UltrarunnerPodcast on nutritional awareness for that 95% of your day when your tread is resting up for that next off-road adventure.

Farro – A Low-Gluten Grain Packed With Protein

Farro – Have you heard of it? Not Pharaoh – Farro? Farro is ancient, minimally processed, and nutritious grain that is believed to have fed the Roman legions as they marched across Europe and the Middle East. As many ultra events often become a march of some sort, Farro sounded like a food source worth […]

Gone Fishin’ – Clif Bar Giveaway Winners

Time to announce who won the latest Clif Bar Giveaway which included a sample collection of the seasonal Clif Bars and a near complete set of the latest version of the Clif Shot. Unlike the last drawing, Griffin wasn’t interested in being the star of this involved production. So after reading a couple Bob the […]

Seasonal Clif Bars and Clif Shot Makeover – Plus One Groovy Giveaway!

During the Fall/Winter season, Clif Bar has moved into their new energy-efficient headquarters, rolled out some seasonal endurance bar flavors, and revamped their gel product. New Headquarters Here is a video touring the new building and highlighting some of its sustainability features. (If you can’t see the video, click here.) Kind of cool! Seasonal Clif […]

What Healthier Snacks Do You Enjoy When The Ultra Hunger Roars?

During those mid-morning and mid-afternoon hours, the ultra body can gently suggest or maybe event start roaring for food. Runners expect a lot from our bodies, shouldn’t we expect a lot from our snacks as well? I think so. Instead of just empty calories, I like to choose snack with some nutritional punch. Here are […]