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Another Step Forward

Please welcome Joshua Pauley of Texas to our team of great people sharing with you on Endurance Buzz! Joshua has come from a background of fast-footed collegiate cross country running and is pursuing his passion of ultra running and will periodically share with us some lessons, revelations, reflections, and maybe a few black toenails along the way. Enjoy! […]

The Family Experience: Through the Eyes of the Crownover Boys at the Grasslands Trail Run

The Crownover family of Texas has always inspired me with their ability to integrate family and the trail running experience. More often than not, you will see the entire Crownover family either running, supporting, crewing, or looking for bugs under fallen tree limbs. Father, Matthew, is a long time veteran of the sport and great […]

Trail Running Read: Got to Live by Jay Danek

I recently finished reading Got to Live by fellow trail runner Jay Danek. I met Jay and his family at the Team RWB Trail Running Camp last Fall as they were part of the volunteer tribe that helped with the amazing weekend. Jay had this warm and welcoming personality and we enjoyed a few nice conversations […]

A Cut Above the Rest

There are those who do more the others: work longer, stay later, whine less, smile more, and never ask if you are done yet. Instead, they ask if there is more to do. Not only are they a race director’s dream, but the sort of personality that gives so completely of themselves, they are usually […]

Be The Change Series: Katy Students Run

Super stoked about this! We are going to share inspiring experiences from members of our tribe that are involved with community programs that use running as a method to positively impact lives. I hope for these experiences to be a little spark that permits us to think of how we can get involved with our […]

Final Round of Hardrock 100 Reflections

Before we close the door on the 2012 Hardrock 100 (results summary and more), a few members of our tribe were kind enough to share a few memories and even a full experience report from their 100+ mile journey. You will also acquire some insider information on the future of this event by one of […]

This is Hardrock: A First Time Hardrock Experience

The Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run is definitely not a race. The race organizers, along with all the veterans make that pretty clear. As a flatlander, coming from the intense altitude of 630 feet in North Texas, to the over-whelming San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado, I was unbelievably excited, albeit a bit nervous. Could […]