Ask Meredith


Passionate ultra athlete and nutritionist, Meredith Terranova of Texas, will be answering your nutrition questions during her Ask Meredith episode on the Endurance Buzz Podcast!

Each episode will be short and sweet, lasting between 5-15 minutes and provide big value to help find what works for you in your nutritional journey in both sport and everyday life.

If you have a nutrition question you would like Meredith to share her thoughts on in a future Endurance Buzz Podcast episode, please submit your question using the Submit Your Nutrition Q button below.


Thanks so much for being a part of the Endurance Buzz tribe! Stay awesome!!

More about Meredith:

meredith_terranova_aboutMeredith owns Eating and Healthy Living, where she helps all people looking to make simple or complex nutritional changes in their life, as well as dialing in nutrition for elite endurance athletes. On her site, she also provides a free monthly newsletter containing additional goodies on a range of nutrition topics.

For her endurance sports life, Meredith competes at a high level in trail races throughout the country, with finishes up through the 100 miler. Meredith recently finished the Ultra Man World Championships at the end of November in Hawaii.


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