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The world it is a changin’. This includes EnduranceBuzz.
This site has always been passionate about long-course endurance sports, especially running. I have decided to re-focus a bit and immerse myself in all things trail and ultrarunning with extra attention to my region, the south midwest. This region may not have the mountains of the west and east coast but we have some pretty fun and challenging trails, cool race directors, and amazing athletes. It is time we bring this to light!
EnduranceBuzz is going to try and enducate, inform, inspire, and entertain anyone interested in this soul-revealing and sometimes insane sport.
EnduranceBuzz will also include any healthy living ideas that may interest and benefit you.

In 2009 I thought about the regional trail/ultra running scene in the South Midwest United States (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico – I refer to as TALON)…

Wouldn’t it be cool to connect the amazing people, places, and races within the region?

Wouldn’t it be cool to support, inspire, and entertain our trail/ultra running tribe?

Heck yeah!

And so the journey began, creating a home away from home for our community.

You will find new trail/ultra running related goodies added regularly.

We also have put together and continuously update the most complete listing of trail and ultra running events in the region within our dandy TALON Race Calendar.

Enjoy your stay!

Who Started EnduranceBuzz.com

Hey, my name is David Hanenburg and I am the founder of Endurancebuzz.com.


After being fairly inactive (OK, mostly) for the three years after graduating from college, I was “birthed” into endurance sports in the year 2000! Sounds painful and actually at times it has been.

This discomfort is actually minimal compared to the pure joy, adventure, camaraderie, and life-lessons endurance sport has shared with me.

I love this stuff!

I love this tribe!

You can read the full path of my endurance sports life so far…at David’s Endurance Sports Journey page.

Those Making a Buzz

You can meet our amazing writers below.

Jason Taylor

Jason is a full time student working towards a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife Anna.

Although he grew up running and playing sports it wasn’t until their brief move to Bend, Oregon in 2008 and 2009 that he really found his love for running. After completing his first marathon in the fall of 2009, he continued to pursue longer distances and has completed several ultras.

Jason’s life goal is to inspire, influence and transform others through his love for running and his passion for life. His background includes being a fitness instructor, triathlon and run coach, pastor and life and leadership coach.

In his words, “I love to inspire…influence…transform others; My life’s passions: My Lord – Jesus; My Wife – Anna; Fitness and Adventure”

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Olga King

Olga King (Varlamova) has picked up a second wind of running at the beginning of her fourth decade, as a breath of personal fresh air after giving birth to two kids and losing 60 pounds. Not even two years later she entered the world of ultrarunning, where she has resided ever since.

With the success of being a self-proclaimed “freight train that never stops”, she has finished over 100 races at distances from the marathon and beyond, including 18 100 mile finishes. She has some wins and good races to her credit, as well as pure survival quests.

Her favorite distance is 100 miles on gnarly mountain terrain, but more often than not 50 milers in special places bring just as much joy and satisfaction.

Short or long, single track trails are her passion (as she lived East, West and South and traveled everywhere across and in-between), but she doesn’t shy away from anything she can run.

For more information, feel free to visit:

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Joe Prusaitis

Joe was raised a military brat in VA, PA, AK, and France. He served in the Army as an electronics tech and went to college for degrees in Electronics and Software Engineering where he worked as a computer tech and then software engineer for 30 years.

Joe’s sport was baseball. After high school, this turned to softball. After kids, this turned to running. One 5km run in 1987 eventually became five marathons a year.

Joe ran his first trail race in 1996, a 50 miler. Since then, he has ran at least 100 ultras, nearly 50 marathons, and a variety of other odd and various distances.

Joe parleyed this background into coaching trail runners where he works with first-timers and also coaches a woman who has run for the United States 100km team.

He also owns a Texas trail race event business which has grown to 11 per year including two current USAT&F National Championships.

Joe sits on the USAT&F South Texas board, representing Mountain/Ultra/Trail and was recently re-elected as President of the Hill Country Trail Runners, and of course…he continues to run.

For more information, feel free to visit:

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Julie Dolph

Julie’s running journey began 13 years ago and has since learned so much about herself. She learned about personal strength and perseverance. Anything is possible!

Julie began running  5km, 10km, and a few half marathons to keep fit through the years. Then she began to look for a new running challenge.  Julie’s love of hiking and being in nature led her to try running the trails instead of hiking them. She was instantly hooked and fortunate to live close to an 18 mile scenic and hilly trail system.

What was once a hobby, now became a passion.

With the support of a local trail running group, the Oklahoma Trail Running Association, Julie has a great network of experienced trail runners that provide guidance and encouragement as she explores this new off-road running world.

Three years after starting this trail running journey, Julie is proud to have finished a variety of distances that include several 50kms and she is also entertaining thoughts of a 50 mile (and possibly longer) in her near future.

For more information, feel free to visit:

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Meredith Terranova

Meredith has been helping her clients reach their nutritional goals since 2004.  Through Meredith’s guidance, her clients have reached goals ranging from losing weight to completing Ironman triathlons with the right nutritional strategy.

Meredith received her Bachelors in Human Nutrition and Consumer Science from the University of Houston in 1997, followed by her Internship from UH in 1998.

As an ultra-distance runner, a healthy lifestyle has become even more important.  By living what she teaches, she has experienced a huge impact on training, performance, and recovery.   This is evident as she continues to see success at every distance from a 5-mile race to a 100km in the mountains.

For more information, feel free to visit:

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Liza Howard

Liza Howard lives in San Antonio, Texas with her 5 year-old son, Asa, and her wonderfully tolerant and long-suffering husband, Eliot. She became addicted to ultra running belt buckles back in 2008 and now runs for New Balance and coaches fellow ultra runners.

Liza spends her days training, coaching, mom-ing, blogging and shaking her head sadly at her messy house. She also teaches for the Wilderness Medicine Institute and is a field instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School.

For more information, feel free to visit:

Check out the Endurance Buzz articles by Liza.

Matt Crownover

Matthew Crownover has been running steadily since 1989. His experiences range from track meets to tough mountain ultras. He remains passionate and curious about the various aspects of running.

Mostly though, he’s thinking about the meaning of it all. Figuring out how to share it all with four young children has only deepened Matthew’s sense that there is a lot more to running than running. Along with his wife Juliana, they have made trail running and its zany campout culture a family sport over the last decade. Matt used to wonder if as human beings, we could use running to better understand spirituality. Now he kind of suspects that we are spiritual beings, trying to become more human, and that running can be a great teacher in that.

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melanief_aboutMelanie Fryar

When Melanie took up running in 1993, she was fiercely determined to overcome asthma and stop needing inhalers. Back then, she couldn’t run a mile without stopping. A 5km was not thinkable, even at a run/walk.

Today, Melanie runs ultra marathons competitively. Though don’t let her competitive nature fool you. This lady runs for the fun and life-changing joy that running has brought into her life.

When not running, Melanie is most likely mothering her three children (ages 11, 10 and 8) in the hot and humid city of San Antonio, Texas.

For more information, feel free to visit Melanie’s personal blog:

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Tom Brennan

tbrennan_aboutTom ran track in high school with moderate success at a small school without much of a program. Over the next ten years, he ran off and on but never seriously.

Tom always remembered how much he enjoyed running, and the sense of movement and freedom that came with it. It was this desire to regain that feeling that got Tom started running again. It was hard at first but after a month and a half, Tom completed his first 5km and loved it.

Running since that time has become a lifelong journey. Within six months Tom ran a marathon and a year later qualified for Boston. It was around that time that he also discovered trail running. Tom ran the Ouachita Trail and just loved it and when he heard about a trail race called the Athens-Big Fork Trail Marathon, he had to try it. That first trail race was right after the 2000 ice storm and it was treacherous but so much fun.

Tom progressed to the 50km and 50 mile distances along with an Ironman triathlon finish. With that experience he felt ready for the ultimate ultra – the 100 mile. Tom has completed the Arkansas Traveler 100 twice and Leadville 100. While having his share of setbacks and success, these are just a bonus for the experience of running on trails especially in the mountains.

Tom’s journey of running is also entering a new phase. For his 40th birthday, he completed a solo rim to rim to rim at the Grand Canyon and loved it. He looks forward to more of these types of adventures. Tom is excited for the journey ahead, and sharing his love of the sport with others on Endurance Buzz.

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shellyd_eb_aboutShelly Diaz

Shelly, a native Texan, lives in Wylie, Texas with her husband of 20+ years and two children (16 & 19). Over the past 2.5 years, Shelly has lost about 60 pounds and trail running has helped keep it off. She started trail running with her husband about a year ago and has experienced four races so far.

Shelly feels she has found a home on the trails and in the trail running community. She likes to keep a positive attitude and try not to take life too seriously.

The most important things to Shelly are family, staying healthy and fit, and having as much fun as possible.

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Brett Oblack
After finding himself unable to run a quarter of a mile without gasping for air, Brett vowed to complete a half-marathon. That led to a few seasons of road running, where he raced everything from the 5k to marathon distance and solidified an obsession with running.

Eventually Brett and his wife moved to sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico where his love of the Southwest landscape led him to trail-running, ultra-running and climbing. Brett spends his days as a web developer and his nights (and mornings and weekends) training to be a better mountain athlete.

For more information about Brett, feel free to visit:

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Liz McGarraugh

Liz was born and raised in Northwest Indiana and spent five years of her early 20’s living in the shadow of Chicago’s Wrigley Field. Liz now lives in Texas with her husband Jason, while raising two beautiful little girls Morgan (3.5) and Milena (21 months).

She began her ultra running journey as a bet with Jason when Milena was four months old. Jason told her they could talk about having a third child after she completed a 50 mile race. In October of 2013, she completed Palo Duro and decided, for the moment, ultra running will be her third baby.

She has completed many triathlons, including Escape from Alcatraz, a couple 50k’s, a 50 miler and is currently training for the 2014 Miwok 100K. When she started thinking about her race schedule for 2015, she asked her husband if he would rather have her try to qualify for Boston or run a 100 miler…he chose the 100 miler. He prefers to crew Liz in the country.

Liz’s journey has taken her from pounding out the miles and building her base to learning and understanding the finer points of training, health and technique. As all Mother Runners know, life does not always abide by your training schedule.

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susanf_aboutSusan Farago

Susan discovered her love of the outdoors as a child during family hiking trips to Lake Superior’s north shore in Minnesota. As an adult, her passion for sport and fitness evolved into competing in long distance events and some of her athletic achievements include: the Boston Marathon, TransRockies, Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, Ironman Hawaii, RAGBRAI, and Race Across America (RAAM). One of her favorite annual events is her home town’s Afton 25K Trail Run which takes place on the hills where she also learned to downhill snow ski as a child.

Susan discovered trail running in 2005 as a way to cross train, and she has been enjoying running with the birds and trees ever since! Susan co-founded Trailhead Running in 2012 in order to share her love of the trails with other women and launched the Women on the Trails race series to offer shorter distance trail races (5K-13.1 mile) as a way to introduce women to trail running in a safe, fun environment. She currently sits on the board of the American Trail Running Association and has been a speaker at the national trail running conference in Estes Park, Colorado.

When Susan isn’t wearing spandex, she works in the IT industry, writes for magazines, loves taking photos of just about anything, and enjoys trying to get the plants in her garden to grow under the hot Texas sun.

For more information about Susan, feel free to visit Trailhead Running.

Check out the Endurance Buzz articles by Susan.

Additional amazing TALON writers coming soon!

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