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Hail, Hallucinations, and Mountain Single-track at the Fatdog 120 – Our Chat with Jorge Rasillo


Texas lowlander, Jorge Rasillo, loves the mountains.

This enjoyment of elevated nature led to a 120 mile point-2-point adventure this past August through the Cascade Mountains of British Columbia, Canada called the Fatdog 120. Jorge finished this scamper in 44:27:31 where he would explore running beyond 100 miles and try to function after 24 straight hours of single-track movement without sleep. Both new experiences that would become in-the-race training to see how his body and mind would respond.

Hiking along a dangerous mountain ridge with both eyes closed.

Yep, that happened.

Enjoy our chat that includes the following musings and other useful goodies for you:

  • Jorge shares his background in running and participating in the Austin distance challenge
  • memories from that first and only road marathon so far
  • exploring the trails with the Georgetown Trail Runners
  • the tough lesson and fun at his first trail race – The Maze
  • Jorge shares why he enjoys running ultra distances
  • memories from that first 50M at Huntsville State Park
  • how a coach has helped improve his trail running experience
  • running two 100s in 2013, plus lessons learned
  • favorite local (Austin) trail
  • Jorge shares the new workouts added in training to help prepare for the Fatdog 120 mountain terrain
  • how trail running fits in his life today
  • a couple favorite run/adventure reads
  • the Fatdog 120 adventure

(Credit: Mountain Madness Trail Running Races and Clinics /

Credit: Mountain Madness Trail Running Races and Clinics

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Resources and Goodies Mentioned


Favorite Local Trail (Austin)

Sports Nutrition

  • Tailwind – A carbohydrate powder for athletes

Running/Adventure Reads

Training Gear

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