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Beer and Donuts, Managing Negative Thoughts, and Overcoming the Fear of Running at Night – Our Chat with Dina Caballero


“I thought I was going to die.”

It was Fall of 2012 and those words circled in the mind of Dina Caballero during the early weeks of her couch-to-5km run training program.

Running hadn’t been Dina’s thing. She hadn’t ran through the first 45 years of her life. Inspired by some friends, she laced them up and gave it a try.

A couple months later, Dina would celebrate a 5km finish and run up to the 1/2 marathon distance over the next year.

An introduction to the trails would soon follow and it “awakened something” inside. Playing in nature would become an enjoyable and important part of Dina’s life.

Dina’s story shows how the courage to try something new can bring life enriching experiences and new possibilities. And buying lots of headlamps.

Enjoy our chat after Dina completed 10.76 miles at the Fossil Valley Trail Run 3 hour in north Texas.

Our chat includes the following musings and other useful goodies for you:

  • Dina shares those uncomfortable early runs and small wins that built momentum as she started running at age 45
  • Dina’s process of turning running into a consistent habit
  • that first 5k that included donuts and beer – what’s not to love!
  • How Dina manages those negative thoughts when they creep up
  • introduction to the trails and this new-found enjoyment
  • memories from that first trail race plus two valuable tips for a newbie
  • nearly 7 hours of adventure and beauty at the Cross Timbers Trail Run
  • Dina’s weekly training
  • the 3 hour night time scamper at the Fossil Valley Trail Run – Did Dina wear all four of the headlamps she brought?


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