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Filling the Emotional Cup, Body Resilience, and Bamboo Scrambles – Our Chat with EJ Gonzalez


235 pounds and inactive. 170 pounds one year later.

EJ Gonzalez of Texas made a choice. A choice to return to the active life. To work on himself as much as he was supporting others in the corporate world.

Lacing up the tread and heading out the door was the most natural start to EJ’s endurance sports journey that would expand to include triathlon and followed by an introduction to the trails thanks to a friend asking if he wanted to play in a five mile run on the dirt. Special memories of youth quickly return.

“This is pretty cool.”

The Trail Snake had bit.

The active life would became a place of physical transformation, emotional renewal and joy, and an opportunity to support and motivate others of all ages.

Enjoy our chat from this Spring after being first across the finish line at the Toughest ‘N Texas 20 miler in Waco, Texas.


Big Cedar 100 and The Stick

Our chat includes the following musings and other useful goodies for you:

  • EJ’s all-in journey back to endurance sports starting in 2009
  • the relateable experience of running a new distance (EJ’s first 1/2 marathon)
  • the couch moment that led to triathlon
  • filling the emotional cup through sport
  • EJ shares his memories of youth when running the trails today
  • community observations at EJ’s first trail race
  • 100 mile memories and The Stick
  • key running workouts EJ includes each week
  • EJ’s core strength training 1-3 times each week
  • the importance of sharing the active life with others
  • trail running tips you can use
  • and the scrambling bamboo fun at TNT 20M

Simply press the Play button to stream below.

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About the author

David Hanenburg David Hanenburg is the passionate dirt-lovin' creator of Endurance Buzz and has been playing in the endurance sports world since 2000 after knockin' the dust off of his Trek 950 hardtail thanks to a friend asking to go ride some local dirt. In 2007 he ran his first ultra on the trails and fell in love with the sport and its people. For more information on David's endurance sports journey, check out the About page.

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