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2015 Western States 100: 16 TALON Athletes Ready to Run That Extra .2 Miles

100.2 mile point-to-point scamper by foot from Squaw Valley, California to the track in Auburn.

Nearly 400 runners with ages between 19 and 71.

1500 volunteers.

A race where many of the top ultrarunners in the United States and world meet up for a sub-30 hour adventure. Include a big group of lucky runners that had their name pulled during the lottery system and you have this great mix of passionate athletes from our sport.

A race that started back in 1974 and today is one of the most buzz’n 100 mile races on the globe.

If it’s June, we are talking the Western States 100 and it all begins Saturday morning at 5:00am.

16 TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) will be lacing them up and pinning on a bib early tomorrow morning. Every state besides Louisiana will represent with Texas going big with 10 athletes.

From fast tread, Grand Slammin’, to their first Western States 100 experience, we have it all.

Fast Tread of Texas

Shaheen Sattar is returning to the big dance for her sophomore start after a courageous 9th place female finish last year. Shaheen has had a great string of Spring race efforts and looks ready to play. (If not aware, a top 10 finish is huge because it offers you an entry for the following year without having to receive an entry through other means (Montrail Ultra Cup, lottery, etc).)

Nicole Studer has been kindly crushin’ it in every race she starts while setting the 100 mile female North American trail record at Rocky Raccoon 100 this past January (Our post-race chat with Nicole). While this will be Nicole’s first Western States 100, she thrives in the heat and may be one of the top runners in managing effort by feel.

Paul Terranova is quickly becoming a Western States fixture after running his very first 100 at Western States back in 2012. Across these past three years Paul’s times have dropped from 20:12 to 17:26 last year. Paul does the training. Paul has a plan. Paul will execute the plan as best he can and the race will be what it is. If feeling good, watch him go to work in the final 20 miles. I am sure he would love to get in that top 10 again this year.

Thomas Orf, another one of our kill them with kindness athletes often competing at the front of races. While Thomas has a variety of 100 mile experience, this will be his first Western States. With some good chats with the Terranova family, I am sure he will be prepared to play. You can learn more about Thomas in our interview with him after winning the 2014 Texas Trail Championship Series)

19 year old Ford Smith. The dude loves the mountains. The dude loves to run fast. The dude has 100 mile experience. Much wisdom in this 19 year old. Will be fun to watch.


If a one hundred miler in a year isn’t enough, we have four athletes aiming for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning which is to officially complete the following four 100 mile adventures: Western States 100 (June), Vermont 100 (July), Leadville 100 (Aug), and Wasatch Front 100 (Sept).

And all within the same year!

It will be an exciting 2.5 months.

Our slammers include, Darren Christiansen of Texas, David Sooter of Oklahoma, and New Mexico athletes Davide Keaton and Clifford Mathews.

Our Western States Athletes and Bib Numbers


  • Shaheen Sattar #F9
  • Paul Terranova #23
  • Nicole Studer #24
  • Ford Smith #28
  • Timothy Allen #67
  • Darren Christiansen #145
  • Jason Crockett #158
  • John Hill #222
  • Thomas Orf #296 (Just found out won’t be racing.)
  • Mark Yeaman #385


  • David Newman #60
  • Melissa Martin #263


  • David Sooter #350

New Mexico

  • Davide Keaton #239
  • Clifford Matthews #265
  • Katrin Silva #349

Complete list of runners participating.

Our WS TALON Goodies from Last Year

Ways to Follow the Action Tomorrow

Good luck to all our TALON athletes!!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

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