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EB46: Finding Accomplishment and Fun on the Trails – Creepy Crawlies & Critters – A Chat with Shae Vaughan


“…it all has to do with yourself…that feeling of accomplishment. Even when hurting you can push through it.” – Shae Vaughan

Between going to classes and cheerleading during her college years, Shae Vaughan of Texas was looking for something else to keep busy. She laced up some sneakers, headed out the door and very quickly loved to run.

Shae Vaughan at Creepy Crawlies & Critters (Credit:

Shae Vaughan at Creepy Crawlies & Critters (Credit:

And then a mountain bike purchase led to exploring some of the local trails.

A realization – “I can run these as well.”

Shae recently won the 10km adventure at the Creepy Crawlies & Critters 10km women’s only race in 45:52, on the relaxed trails at YMCA Camp Cypress in Buda, Texas. Enjoy our chat that includes the following musings and other useful goodies for you:

  • why running?
  • memories from those first trail runs and races (plus lessons learned)
  • training
  • tips for road to trail newbie
  • memories from Creepy Crawlies & Critters – “Hey, a fox”

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