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EB37: Ultra Training and Racing with the Whole30 Nutrition Program – Ask Meredith


Welcome to our Ask Meredith feature on the Endurance Buzz Podcast where Texas-based nutritionist and ultra athlete, Meredith Terranova shares her thoughts on questions you submit on the Ask Meredith page.

Let’s get to it!

A member of the EB tribe submitted the following question:

“What are your thoughts on ultrarunners following the Whole30® plan? Is it best to keep the plan to 30 days and then add back in the foods or could it work to continue the plan even if the foods don’t cause issues? How about on race day?”

Enjoy as Meredith and I chat about the Whole30® program with considerations for ultra training and racing.

Insights and musings include:

  • before we get to our Whole30® chat, Meredith shares a couple wonderful memories from her Ultraman experience
  • basics of the Whole30® program
  • important food choices awareness tip
  • considerations and adaptations for race day
  • Meredith shares her own nutritional choices during the Ultraman
  • Be open! Listen to your body

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Share Your Whole30® Experience

If you have gone through the Whole30® program. What was your experience with respect to ultra training and racing?

We would love to hear your thoughts.

Resources and Goodies Mentioned

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David Hanenburg David Hanenburg is the passionate dirt-lovin' creator of Endurance Buzz and has been playing in the endurance sports world since 2000 after knockin' the dust off of his Trek 950 hardtail thanks to a friend asking to go ride some local dirt. In 2007 he ran his first ultra on the trails and fell in love with the sport and its people. For more information on David's endurance sports journey, check out the About page.

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