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2015 Foothills 50k FA Results: Crunchy Trails, Ghost Sightings, and Fire Pit Stories

[Enjoy the guest results article by Perky Garcia of New Mexico.]

The 4th Annual Foothills 50k FA race was held on January 1, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 42 souls headed out in the snow on New Year’s Day to greet the New Year. This year we introduced a 10k course so participants could still make it to the Egg Nog Jog at noon.

The weather had been horrible during the previous days of marking but race day turned out to be perfect. The snow stopped at 6:00am and left just enough snow to make it interesting. This was the coldest start at 22 degrees but there was no wind which is unusual for New Year’s Day. All runners reported comfortable temperatures. The high for the day was 45 degrees.


Several of the marks on the Southern section had been removed by helpful citizens but it wasn’t enough to deter the 21 runners who chose the longer distances (side note to race directors with similar problems: NONE of the bright green poop bags had been touched so I’ll be using those next year). All the marks on the Northern section remained in place so no one got lost there. There was more snow on the Northern section but since the temperatures had not been warm enough for a thaw, the additional snow just added a hint of “crunch” without any slip.


Of the 42 starters, there were 39 finishers: 5 for the 10k, 12 for the half marathon, 7 for the 20 mile, 2 for the marathon, and 12 for the 50k. The runners were also joined by the Ghost of the Foothills.

Stefanie Tierney was the first woman and also the overall winner of the 50k with a time of 5:46:51. The first male was Chris Baca with a time of 5:49:55.

The race was followed up with a potluck, grilled burgers (both dead plant and dead animal), and a fire pit session filled with stories of race exploits and Cards Against Humanity

The 50k winners were sent home with fantastic awards that are sure to be a treasure for generations to come.

Full results for all distances can be viewed on Webscorer.

– Perky Garcia

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