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2015 Bandera Trail Run Preview: Get Your Sotol On!

It took a whole 10 days in 2015 before we arrive at one of the biggest trail races in the TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) region for 2015, the 13th annual Bandera Trail Run which takes place on the rugged goodness outside the cowboy town of Bandera, Texas. Where calloused hands, cowboy hats, and boots (with spurs) are commonplace. And not for the fashion but the way of life.

My son, daughter, and I on the Bandera course.

A hike on the Bandera course with the fam.


Bandera goes big on many levels!


Nearly 1000 runners will be ready to lace them up come Saturday between the 100km, 50km, and 25km scampers. This is not only a national event, it goes global.

If some fellow runners don’t speak English, don’t be surprised. Those are not mile 52 voices swirling in your head.

The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Thailand will all be represented!

USATF 100km Trail Championship

The 100km dash at Bandera is once again the 100km USATF Trail Championship which brings a number of fast feet and wisdom from throughout the country with a bit of cash up for grabs.

Between nineteen year old Jared Hazen of Colorado and the wise and spunky 72 year old from New Mexico, Ian Maddieson, we got ourselves an exciting and inspiring race in the making.

Montrail Ultra Cup

Western States 100.

Heard of it?

As part of the Montrail Ultra Cup, Bandera has two qualifying spots for both the men and women, for this year’s 100 mile journey on June 27, 2015.

A big want for a number of folks.

Texas Trail Running Championship Series

Bandera also becomes the first race of the 2015 Texas Trail Running Championship series where runners within and outside the state earn points in ultra and sub-ultra divisions that lead to age-group (heavy bling, cash, race discounts) and club awards (a big yeti cooler of stuff) at the end of the year. A community connecting focus with lots of buzz in 2014. This year’s series has 26 adventures throughout the state.



You’ve been warned!


This year we have eight runners going for their 500th Bandera kilometer!


German Collazos

Paul Terranova

Paul Terranova

  • John Powers
  • Alan Peterson
  • Jim Skelding
  • Brian Briggs
  • Sergio Madrigal
  • Mike Munoz

How about the 1000th Bandera kilometer?


Kimberly Pilcher of Texas is looking to do just that at this year’s finish.

Good luck gang!


Is this your first Bandera experience?

Here are a few goodies to help get your tread dirty! Don’t even try to keep yourself clean.


How did Bandera play out in 2014?


We have a couple fun and insightful articles you may enjoy.


What do we have for you to help settle the stomach before this weekend’s main course?


UltraSportsLive.TV will be livestreaming the Bandera race from three different positions on the course along with updates ever 20 minutes or so!

Coverage will start at 7:15 am CST.

Kyle will also have lap updates at:

Safe travels to all those heading to the race. See you all this weekend!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

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