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EB25: Wesley Hunt – Enjoyment of the Process, 40 Mile Treadmill Runs, Winning the Arkansas Traveller 100

Wesley Hunt Of Arkansas loves the goal race, the commitment, the disciplined training cycle, and the opportunity to bring it all together on race day and “give it your best shot.” 

Wesley may also now love 40 mile training runs…on the treadmill, after his recent win and third fastest time in race history at the Arkansas Traveller 100.

Wesley Hunt leading the way at the AT100. (Credit: Mark Mccaslin)

Wesley Hunt leading the way at the AT100. (Credit: Mark Mccaslin)

A running journey that began less than a handful of years ago after finishing law school and starting a family. Wesley wanted to recommit to a more healthy lifestyle and running seemed like the perfect hobby and became his place of solace, a home for reflection, quiet time with self, and some good old fashion stress relief.

With a focus on the roads and enjoyment of the longer distances including 10 marathon finishes, Wesley wanted to keep it interesting and try something different. His brother, a passionate trail runner on the east coast, became the seed that led to his first trail race and ultra in 2013, the Arkansas Traveller 100. This adventure led to a second place finish and exciting race with 22 year old Brock Hime (2013 AT100 interview with Brock).

One year later, Wesley was back at the AT100 start line with greater fitness, more experience, and a renewed focus to give it his best shot.

Enjoy as Wesley and I chat about:

  • his running background and reintroduction into the active lifestyle
  • interest in the longer run distances
  • enjoyment of the training process
  • 3 favorite trail running books that inspired and helped supply his trail running tool-box.
  • Lessons learned after the 2013 Arkansas Traveller 100
  • Pushing the pace with PoDog Vogler at Mt. Nebo
  • two key training sessions in prep for the 2014 AT100
  • mental approach to the ultra distances
  • this year’s AT100 adventure and win in 15:59:12
  • tips to run your first 100

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Buzzin’ Quote

“Don’t get ahead of yourself just because you are having a good first portion of the race. You have to stick to the plan.” – Wesley Hunt

Races Mentioned

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Books/Films Mentioned

  • Relentless Forward Progress – an ultra tool-box filling resource for those new to the sport by Bryon Powell of our friends at iRunFar
  • Eat and Run – by elite ultra runner Scott Jurek
  • Born to Run – by Christopher McDougall. An entertaining read for anyone interest in the ultra running world.

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