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EB24: Gia Madole – From First 5km to Complete and Win the Tahoe 200

“You got to start. Just get out there and do whatever you can do. Take that first step.”  – Gia Madole

Two years ago, Gia Madole of Oklahoma along with a few friends decided to participate in a Warrior Dash event. This 5km-ish length run plus obstacles, required a bit of focused run training and is the spark that started Gia’s running journey.

Gia really enjoyed the simple act of running.

Gia really enjoyed the people involved with the sport.

Her passion and drive to challenge herself, led to the trails and the Lake McMurtry 25km in northern Oklahoma.

The friendly people. The amazing and supportive camaraderie that all runners had with each other – even the ones you are competing against. Gia was all-in to explore this sport further.

This positive experience led to bigger challenges, bigger adventures, including signing up for the Tahoe 200 before she had even finished her first 100 miler.

Her strong mental attitude and desire and ability to do-the-work added two 100 mile finishes in her still shiny ultra tool-box before the Tahoe 200 start.

Gia Madole at the start line of the Tahoe 200.

Gia Madole at the start line of the Tahoe 200. (credit: Jill Collins)

Enjoy as Gia and I chat about:

  • her rapid progression through the trail running distances
  • favorite type of cross training
  • Tahoe 200 training prep that included lots of miles and flights of stairs
  • the 75:76:00 adventure around lake Tahoe which saw her first female across the line…along with a few bonus miles as she neared the finish!

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Lake Tahoe visual goodness.

Lake Tahoe visual goodness.

Gia at the finish line!

Gia at the finish line! (Credit: Jerry Gamez /

Buzzin’ Quote

“You got to start. Just get out there and do whatever you can do. Take that first step.” – Gia Madole

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