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Love. Run. Marathon. 2014 Results

The Love. Run Marathon. Trail Run returned to the trail-chilin’ grounds of Huntsville State Park under sunny skies and mild conditions. This benefit-run supports the Emmanuel Home in Nicaragua and offered a 10k, half marathon, and full mary gallop through the piney woods around Lake Raven.

Credit: Karen Thibodeaux ©

Credit: Karen Thibodeaux ©




Tatyana Strickland ran a sub-10 minute pace to win the female race in 4:21:35! Amanda Hattman was alone in the runner-up spot.

Women Top 3

  1. Tatyana Strickland – 4:21:35
  2. Amanda Hattman –  4:33:00
  3. Teri Anderson – 4:53:37

Credit: Karen Thibodeaux ©

Jacob Gautreaux created a three-plus minute gap on master’s winner, Wes Volberding, to lead all across the line in 3:36:30!

Men Top 3

  1. Jacob Gautreaux – 3:36:30
  2. Wes Volberding – 3:40:11
  3. Hollis Harvey – 3:49:24

Half Marathon

Jose Torres averages a 7:13 effort to win the male race in 1:34:28! Patrick McLendon leads the chase group for runner-up honors.

Men Top 3

  1. Jose Torres – 1:34:28
  2. Patrick McLendon – 1:37:53
  3. Robert Fowler – 1:38:59
Credit: Karen Thibodeaux ©

Credit: Karen Thibodeaux ©

Ruthie Tate finishes ninth overall in the female win in 1:48:03! Nicole Myers dials in a sub 1:50 for second place.

Women Top 3

  1. Ruthie Tate – 1:48:03
  2. Nicole Myers – 1:49:40
  3. Marianna Carlson – 1:52:00

10 km

Houston local, Madeleine Kopp, runs a 50:52 for the female win and eighth overall finish! The next runner across the line was Amanda Holzhausen.

Women Top 3

  1. Madeleine Kopp – 50:52
  2. Amanda Holzhausen – 52:05
  3. Sherrie Martin – 53:28
Credit: Karen Thibodeaux ©

Credit: Karen Thibodeaux ©

Evan Wilson and Kegan McNeil had the most exciting race for first across the line. The sprint to the finish had 10 seconds (gun time) of separation between the two. Evan’s shoe lace was first across the mat.

Men Top 3

  1. Evan Wilson – 47:17
  2. Kegan McNeil – 47:24
  3. Moteza Pushtrourn – 49:33

Complete Results – Mary, half, 10k

Inspiration Point

Our wisest runners continue to play and inspire! What is not to love.

Karen Berglund (66), Ron Berglund (66), Ken Johnson (72), Mary Carter (66), and Burk Foster (66) enjoyed a morning of piney woods fun.

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Special thanks to Karen Thibodeaux  of  for her gracious support of this article!

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