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Nueces Trail Run 2014 Results – Interview with John Sharp on his Back-2-Back 50k Weekends

On the first of March, the fourth annual Nueces Trail Run took place on the rugged and varied terrain along the perty Nueces River within the grounds of Camp Eagle. 10k up to 50M awaited nearly 350 runners within the Texas Hill Country of south central Texas.

Credit: Jake North ©

Credit: Jake North ©


After a sub-17 at Rocky Raccoon 100 in early February, Steven Moore, put together a steady effort to earn the win in 7:20:03! Fellow Rocky finisher, Lorenzo Sanchez, was nipping at Steven’s heels in his runner-up finish.

Men’s Top 3

  1. Steven Moore – 7:20:03
  2. Lorenzo Sanchez – 7:37:50
  3. Dana Munari – 9:25:20
Credit: Jake North ©

Credit: Jake North ©

Anabel Pearson put together a nice string of early 2014 finishes with Bandera 100k in January, Rocky 50 in February, and now a sixth overall female win in 9:47:37!  Runner-up, Cara Bass, followed a similar race path besides wanting double the distance at Rocky.

Women’s Top 3

  1. Anabel Pearson – 9:47:37
  2. Cara Bass – 10:22:39
  3. Nyleva Corley – 11:38:05


Michelle Ottmers put together her fastest Nueces finish and a win in the process. Michelle arrived at the pavilion in 5:52:00!  Andreana Haley was next to finish.

Women’s Top 3

  1. Michelle Ottmers – 5:52:00
  2. Mndreana Haley – 6:52:30
  3. Amy Skudlarczyk – 7:17:41
Credit: Jake North ©

Credit: Jake North ©

After his exciting win at Rocky 50, David Brown returns to the trails and dials in a 4:15:26 for the win! John Sharp moves through the field and finishes strong for second place honors.

Men’s Top 3

  1. David Brown – 4:15:26
  2. John Sharp – 4:29:18
  3. Joshua Pauley – 4:31:50


Taylor Collins runs the only sub-2 finish for the male win in 1:55:33!

Men’s Top 3

  1. Taylor Collins – 1:55:33
  2. Nathan Rusu – 2:03:45
  3. Miguel Montealvo – 2:08:16
Credit: Jake North ©

Credit: Jake North ©

Kristen Betterton was alone at the front for a seventh overall and female win in 2:17:10!

Women’s Top 3

  1. Kristen Betterton – 2:17:10
  2. Kelli Newlon – 2:30:34
  3. Erica De Los Santos – 2:31:31


Erika Moore and Mary Leonard had an exciting scamper with less than 30 seconds separating the two at the finish. Erika took home top honors in 1:04:42!

Women’s Top 3

  1. Erika Moore – 1:04:42
  2. Mary Leonard – 1:05:07
  3. Alison Shaw – 1:07:24
Credit: Jake North ©

Credit: Jake North ©

Brad Bailey separated from the three person chase group to earn the win in 47:38!

The chase group included 12 year old’s Carter Reed and Nick Compton. Carter was able to out-kick his fellow runners in the closing mile for second.

Men’s Top 3

  1. Brad Bailey – 47:38
  2. Carter Reed – 54:25
  3. Nick Compton – 54:34

Complete results for all races.

Interview with John Sharp

Check out our interview with John Sharp would recently ran the Nueces 50k and Prickly Pear 50k on back-2-back weekends…and PRd in both of them!

Credit: Jake North ©

John Sharp at Nueces (Credit: Jake North ©

We chat about:

  • John’s first road marathon including full body cramps at mile 22.
  • First trail race.
  • Burpie mile challenge.
  • His recent finish at the Brazil 135.
  • Hardrock 100 training approach for a low lander.
  • The Nueces and Prickly Pear adventure.
  • Upcoming adventures including running Texas Independence Relay…solo!


Podcast: Download (Duration: 50:54 – 23.3 MB)

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Special thanks to John Sharp, Rick Kent and Jake North of Enduro Photo with their gracious support of this article!

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  1. on 18 Mar 2014 at 5:28 am Caleb

    Hey, that is me crossing the line with my daughter! 🙂 Ended up buying it. First race photo I have ever purchased. Well worth it too! Definitely going to have to listen to the Sharpie interview later, today.

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    Hey Caleb, That is a great pic with your daughter! Congrats on the 50k finish as well!