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Road Lizards Trail Race #1 and #2 2014 Results

The first two races of the Road Lizards Trail Series took place in early and mid February on the dirty grounds of Middle Concho Park and San Angelo State Park in San Angelo, Texas. Race distances of 5km through 12km provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy some non-pavement miles and natural scenery.

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

This three race series started back in 2007 by Bill Cullins that include rain, sleet, and bone chilling temps. And it was a lot of fun!

Current San Angelo Road Lizards president, Mike Buck, recalls his first run at the event back in 2008.

“I just remember the sense of being out in the wilderness with a town nearby and then seeing runners in all stages of the race through the bushes. I was hooked…and I think many get the same feeling.”

Starting this year, Mike has taken on the RD role and continues the emphasis of showcasing the varied local trails and turns each event into a bit of trail running school where the first race is heavily marked, and each subsequent race less so.

A race that started with 11 runners saw 164 and 143 finish the first two races this year!



Race #1

The first race in the series took place in Middle Concho Park.

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

5 km

The 5km race had an exciting little finish as Joel Bertrand created a small 13 second gap from Mikey Snipes to win the 5 km trail scamper in 21:55!

13 year old Taylor Scott led all females across the 5km line in 29:06!

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

10 km 

Rebecca Simmons put together a 50:14 for the female win as Cindy Bishop earning runner-up honors.

Brandon Miller was able to create a comfortable gap of 80 seconds ahead of Matt Lindsey. Brandon got’r done in 43:11 for the win.

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

Inspiration Point

The first race of the series added extra inspiration with 73 year old Paul Foxcraft, 70 year old Judy Sikes, and 73 year old Otha Hardy spending a morning with our trail running tribe.

 Race #2

The second race in the series was at San Angelo State Park and included a 5km and 12km dash.

12 km

Brandon Miller backed up the first race win with another catch me if you can finish. Brandon crossed the line in 52:10 for the male win!

Mars Torres led the chase group 75 seconds back for second place.

Sam Burgess was able to out-kick Rebecca Simmons for the female win in 57:32!

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

Credit Daniela De La Cerda /

5 km

Lucy Serrano finished ninth overall in the tight female race with Lucia Rivas. Lucy’s 15 second gap was enough for the win in 27:44!

Mikey Snipes dialed up the top-end speed to firmly win the male race in 22:15!

Inspiration Point

Back to play was 73 year old Paul Foxcraft and 70 year old Judy Sikes, along with 67 year old Bill Rodgers.

Complete Results for Race #1

Complete Results for Race #2

Special thanks to Mike Buck and the San Angelo Road Lizards for sharing with us!

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