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2014 Results: Day One (Interview with Kaytlynn and Heather Welsch), Foothills FA, The Duel, Dirty Soles, Big Bend Ultra

Enjoy our TALON (TX, AR, LA, OK, NM) Dirt and Distance Results Wrap-up for the month of January!

Day One Trail Run


Credit: Rodney Welsch

The Day One Trail Run was a first year New Year’s Day event on the varied north Texas trails at Cedar Hill State Park, just south of Dallas. 80+ runners lined up for the 5km or 20km scamper under mild conditions (40F at the start) and a slight breeze.


Credit: Rodney Welsch


While dialing in his final prep for his first 100km at Bandera, Eloy Gonzalez, showcased his north Texas turnover in leading all across the finish in 1:24:29! This wasn’t without a bit of a chase by Christian Meier, who finished a couple minutes back in runner-up honors.

Eloy right behind the Welsch sisters in the early going.,

Eloy on the heels of Kaytlynn and Heather Welsch in the early going. (Credit: Rodney Welsch)

Men’s Top 3

  1. Eloy Gonzalez – 1:24:29
  2. Christian Meier – 1:26:31
  3. Jason Smith – 1:44:08

The Welsch sisters, Kaytlynn age 12, and Heather age 11, are names if you haven’t heard, you will! A competitive spirit resonates out of these two and a podium finish is more common than not.

Both Texas sisters made the trip up to north Texas and continued to showcase their passion to push the pace.

Heather would win the female race in 1:39:07 and finish third overall!

Heather pushing the effort.  (Credit: Rodney Welsch)

Heather pushing the effort…with a smile. (Credit: Rodney Welsch)

Four minutes later, Kaytlynn crossed the line for runner-up honors.

Women’s Top 3

  1. Heather Welsch – 1:39:07
  2. Kaytlynn Welsch – 1:43:37
  3. Arianne Rhea – 1:49:15

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Q & A with Kaytlynn and Heather Welsch (Plus a few additional insights from father, Rodney)


EB: What was your first run race (road or trail)? Favorite part? Least favorite part?

Kaytlynn: My first road race was Benezy Purple monkey fun run. It was very fun seeing all of my friends their but I did not like the course that much. First trail race was Keep on truckin. I love this race!

Heather: My first run race was Purple Monkey Fun Run. It was difficult getting around all the other kids. All I remember is standing next to a tall girl that I beat.

EB: How often do you run a week generally? Do you have a coach or are you part of a cross country team?

Kaytlynn: 3 miles. My dad is my coach.

Heather: I only run on the weekends. I also was part of a cross country team but the season only lasts two weeks.

Rodney (father): They don’t do any other running except the races they do on the weekend. For as just running outside of a race, we really don’t have a place to run here where we live. It is safe, but no sidewalks in our subdivision and they don’t enjoy just running around the block.

For as a coach, they are all talent. I just tell them to run. My main coaching part is just working on form, running efficiency, keeping them off their heels, and the physics of keeping the body moving forward.

EB: What do you enjoy about running?

Kaytlynn: The freedom of having a talent and running every weekend. Plus going everywhere and seeing new people.

Heather: The fact that you are running a race makes it exciting. The scenery.

EB: Which do you prefer running on more, road or trails?

Kaytlynn: Trails because you can see stuff and it’s more exciting then just running on a straight road seeing a bunch of cars and buildings.

Heather: I prefer trails because you just don’t see buildings.

EB: What types of things do you think about when you run (if any)?

Kaytlynn: Songs.

Heather: I am tired. Is my foot pointed out? Is there an alligator in the lake I am running besides?

EB: How would you describe the course at the Day One Trail Run?

Kaytlynn: Very fun. I loved the course and how it went to prairie then to the woods and the aid station people where very nice.

Heather: The trail started at the end of the park road near the lake. We started on the road and then went to a forest. Then ran through a prairie that was boringly long if that makes sense and then back into the forest. There were some baby hills. There was one part where I think Kaytlynn fell down that you had to watch your step or you would go tumbling down the hill. The entire course was single track there were some portion that were muddy, when you ran through the muddy section it made funny sounds like velcro ripping. There was one small sandy creek we crossed. I jumped over it.

EB: What was one of your favorite memories from the run?

Kaytlynn: Crossing over a stream.

Heather: I like running the downhills. The trail was banked and I loved running sideways on them. In the beginning I just ran on the banks just for fun, but then I ran really fast on them to catch up with Kaytlynn.

5 km

The youth continue to inspire!

13 year old Jasmine Frechel won the female 5km race in 27:42 and 8th overall!

Women’s Top 3

  1. Jasmine Frechel – 27:42
  2. Erin Hannigan – 29:53
  3. Amanda Talley – 34:06

16 year old Arlington runner, Erick Hinojosa, created a small gap at the finish to win the men’s race in 23:30! Jonathan Johnson led the chase group for runner-up honors.

Men’s Top 3

  1. Erick Hinojosa – 23:30
  2. Jonathan Johnson – 23:55
  3. Adriano Frechel – 24:27

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Foothills FA

The Foothills Fat Ass is a fun low-key scamper to kick off the new year in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The 50km, half marathon, and a buffet table of distances in-between all started with snot freezing temps that warmed up nicely to 50F by mid-day.

50 km

Chris McElveny moved into the front of the race near the midway point and held it to the finish, earning the male win and second fastest course time of 5:23!

“It was just a great day all around, weather was perfect, trail conditions were good as can be expected for this time of year, and we had a great turnout for all the distances. It is my first overall win, and fatass or not, I’ll take it.”

Men’s Top 3

  1. Chris McElveny – 5:23
  2. Roger Squires – 5:36
  3. Brian Pilgrim – 5:56

65 year old, Kathy Kirsling, kocked off over 30 minutes from last year’s time and took home the female win in 8:48!

Women’s All 2

  1. Kathy Kirsling – 5:23
  2. Kelley Garcia – 9:54:23

Kelley was also our Tough-As-Nails finisher in the ultra scamper.

Half Marathon

Teresa Brobeck finished third overall for the female win in 2:58:51!

Chris Murry put together a 2:16 winning time in the men’s race!

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The Duel

A twisty and fast single-track adventure as The Duel delivered a marathon, half marathon, or 10km day of dirty play for 80 or so runners on Saturday, January 18 in Wichita Falls, Texas. Run friendly early morning temps greeted runners before mid-day gusty winds dialed up the challenge for those still out running.

Wee-chi-tah Trail (Credit: David Hanenburg)

Wee-chi-tah Trail (Credit: David Hanenburg)


Sub-3 hour road marathoner, James Boddy, won the trail marathon in 3:32:50! Brian Pilgrim of New Mexico took runner up honors and the masters win.

Alexandra Walker of San Antonio won the female marathon in 4:46:02!  Masters winner, Kim Ready, took second place honors.

Inspiration Point included Robert Kosec (age 67) and Gary Garson (age 66) who both dialed in marathon finishes.

Half Marathon

Marcia Fairchild of Amarillo was the only female to go sub-2 in the half marathon with a winning time of 1:57:56!

Fifteen year old Dylan Knight was able to hold off all chasers to earn the overall half marathon win in 1:32!

10 km

Wichita Falls locals, Michael Boyle and Kelly Derry earned the 1o km wins in 46:39 and 51:42 respectively!

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Dirty Soles Trail Run

The first race of the 2014 Forge Trail Series took place towards the end of January in Mandeville, Louisiana at the Dirty Soles Trail Run. Sunny conditions and mild temps created over 115 smiles across the 5km, 10km, and half marathon distances.

No rain from the sky but that didn’t guarantee your piggies wouldn’t get wet. Water crossing are fun…right!?!

Credit Miriam Thompson

Credit Miriam Thompson

Half Marathon

Multi-sport athlete, Robert Scott, dials in the first sub 1:30 on this course for the male win in 1:27:31.

Rhea Loney led all females across the line with the only sub 2-hour finish in 1:50:56.

10 km

The 10 km scamper is the only distance included in the points series and had the largest group of runners ready to play.

Laura Carleton created over a three minute gap to win the female race in 45:30.

Shane Walsh dropped the fastest course time by over two minutes from last year to win the male race in 38:02. Patrick Gavin blasted through the finish 28 seconds later for second.

Credit Miriam Thompson

Credit Miriam Thompson

5 km

Reggie Tabor separated from the small chase group to win by nearly two minutes in the male race with a time of 22:07.

Maureen Thiessen won the female race in 26:30 with sub-14 year old, Caroline Ritchie, coming across for second place honors.

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Big Bend Ultra

The Big Bend Ultra took place on January 19 along the non-technical dirt roads within the rugged beauty of the Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas. There are a few bumps along the way, but mostly a downhill course.


Credit: Overland Race Management /

Credit: Overland Race Management /

Over 300 participated in the 50km, 25km or 10km dash.

50 km

Neil Smith drops over eight minutes from his 2013 effort to bring home the male win in 2014 with a finish time of 3:58:53.

Neil Smith (Credit Overland Race Management /

Neil Smith (Credit Overland Race Management /

Rachael Blair finishes seventh overall along with the female win in 4:26:07.

Rachel (Credit Overland Race Management /

Rachael Blair (Credit Overland Race Management /

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25 km

Sheralee Six finishes fourth overall and created over an eight minute gap from the next chaser to win the female race in 2:02:36.

Patrick Hillery increased the adventure from last year’s 10 km to be the only sub-2 hour finisher in this year’s 25 km with a winning time of 1:54:44.

Complete 25 km results.

Credit: Overland Race Management /

Credit: Overland Race Management /

10 km

Sub 7 minute pace won this year’s six mile burn fest in 41:54 by Patrick Hernandez.

Rose Hillery finished third overall in her female winning time of 47:15.

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Special thanks to Rodney Welsch, Kaytlynn Welsch, Heather Welsch, Chris McElveny, Miriam Thompson, and Overland Race Management for their support with this article.

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