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A Tale from the Almost Mid-Pack: Race Bling at the Trot

shellyd_eb100I may have to change the name of my Back of the Pack themed articles to Becoming a Mid- Packer. On Thanksgiving, my hubby, Rob and our friends, Megan and Brandon participated in a Turkey Trot in Wylie, Texas. It was very cold-28 degrees. I was just in it for some fun and not really thinking about my time. My main thought was to keep moving and try not to freeze. This was the first year that Wally Watkins Elementary was putting on this race. The first Turkey Trot in Wylie. So it was nice to be out there supporting our community.

The race starts and off we go. To my surprise I was passing some younger men. A few who had starting walking and panting. I thought to myself, “Started off too fast. Typical.” (Insert eye roll.) As I kept on, I passed a few more people. Passing someone is such a thrill for me. As the one who is usually being passed, it’s so exciting to be gradually moving ahead. About halfway, more people were stopping and whining, “How much longer?”. (Another eye roll.) Seriously, people, you’ve only gone a mile and a half. I passed them, too.

At the last mile, I saw Rob and Brandon whiz by. At this point, I was having a hard time breathing in the frigid air. But I sped up a little, inspired by their enthusiasm. I soon crossed the finish line and was surprised that I ran a 5K PR. I was really happy with my time. We hung around for the awards, thinking our fast hubbies may have placed. But, the girls were the winners this day! Megan placed 2nd in her age group. Yay, Megan! Then, imagine my surprise when my age group was announced and the first name they called was, “Shelly Diaz-3rd place!” What?! Seriously?

Megan and I, showing off our race bling

Megan and I, showing off our race bling

I have never placed in a race in my life. Never even come near it. I have been content with my backseat view of these races. But now I have a taste of glory! Could I be getting faster? Is it possible, that maybe, one day I could be a Mid-Packer?

A few weeks later, Rob and I entered a local Jingle Bell 5K. I think every woman between the ages of 40 and 49 in the area was there. (Well, 18 of them anyway.) I did not place in this race. Not even close. Interestingly enough, I ran the exact same time as the Turkey Trot.

So, maybe, I won’t change the name of the articles, just yet. I’ll see how the next real race, I mean, trail race goes.

And that’s my view from the back (soon to be middle) of the pack.

Thanks for reading!

Shelly Diaz

About the author

Shelly Diaz Shelly began trail running with her husband in 2012. Shelly feels she has found a home on the trails and in the trail running community. She likes to keep a positive attitude and try not to take life too seriously. For more information on Shelly, check out the About page.

2 Responses to “A Tale from the Almost Mid-Pack: Race Bling at the Trot”

  1. on 20 Feb 2014 at 7:56 am Jacki

    omg, this is so funny! the eye rolls! I can totally see you doing that, too.
    When you post, will you share it on the Dallas Dirt Runners page? I hate to miss an article!

  2. on 20 Feb 2014 at 10:03 am Shelly Diaz

    Haha! Thanks, Jacki! I will do that next time.