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Bandera Trail Run 2014 Results – Jorge Maravilla and Meghan Arbogast Earn 100k Wins in the Sun and Sotol Fun of South Texas

The 12th annual Bandera Trail Run is one that delivered great trail conditions and moderate temperatures that showcased an amazing sunrise,  inspiring competition at the front, and gutsy persistent to finish before the 24 hour cut-off. Nearly 800 laced them up for a two-loop 100 km, one loop 50 km, or one loop 25 km adventure.


100 km start. (Photo: David Hanenburg)

100 km start. (Credit: David Hanenburg)

If the perfect trail conditions weren’t enough to up the giddy-factor, this race was the USATF 100km Trail Championship, Montrail Ultra Cup Series race with six Western States 100 entries up for grabs, and also was the first race of the new Texas Trail Running Championship Series.


100 km Men’s Race

From the word “Go!”, Chikara Omine (CA) took off like a rocket, leading everyone to the base of the first climb where he hesitated for a moment which allowed Paul Terranova (TX) to glide past and move into the pole position.

Cruising into mile 11 (Chapas aid station), Paul was in a groove and had a two minute gap on David Laney (OR) and Chikara. A couple minutes behind David and Chikara included Brian Condon (WI), 17 year old Ford Smith (TX), and Jorge Maravilla (CA).

Paul Terranova (Photo credit:

Paul Terranova (Credit: Jake North ©

All were looking spunky and enjoying the beautiful morning.

At mile 22 (CrossRoads II aid station), Paul arrived in the lead looking steady and focused.

And then like a powerful ocean surge, David came flying out of the trail and arrived 30 seconds later. You could feel this wall of energy following in his wake. In full effortless stride, David was covering huge amounts of terrain and on the hunt. He looked like he was in a 10km road race.

Three minutes behind David, Chikara and Jorge explode out off the trail. The race has now begun!

Across the  final three climbs of the 50 km loop, David, Chikara, and Jorge would catch Paul as he shares.

“Laney caught up to me in the woods before Lucky Peak and we ran together and chatted for a couple miles to Last Chance and then and up and over Cairn’s Climb.  I increased my nutrition with a couple of gels knowing that I now had company to contend with.  Jorge and Chikara caught up to us on the flats between Cairn’s and Boyle’s Bump and went BLAZING by us.  Laney was able to respond and unfortunately I was not able to accelerate with that eventual pack of top-3.”

All four arrived at the Lodge (50k mark) within three minutes of each other. How does a ~3:47 first loop sound?!?

Giddy up!

There was a bit of placement juggling at the turnaround as they accessed their drop bags, but I believe Jorge was first to head out and start the final loop.

Arriving about 15 minutes after Paul was 17 year old Ford Smith of Texas with one thought coming out of his mouth…

“My stomach feels horrible!”

First to arrive at mile 48 (CrossRoads I) was Jorge, looking fluid and strong. Grabbed ice and more water before cruising out of the aid station.

Five minute later Chikara arrives looking in good shape.

One minute behind Chikara, David was currently in third and looked to be carrying a bit of tension.

Paul was still moving steady but drifted back 26 minutes behind David.

At mile 53 (CrossRoads II), Jorge continued to look strong and extended his lead to seven minutes to David who moved into second position ahead of Chikara. Chikara rolled into the aid station three minutes behind David.

David would close the gap slightly in the final miles to the finish, but Jorge would not be caught as he crossed the finish line in a course record time of 8:02:27!

Jorge Maravilla celebrating the win! (Credit:

Jorge Maravilla celebrating the win! (Credit: Craig Mitchell ©

Under five minutes later David flew in for second place honors.

Paul finished as our top TALON athlete and 17 year old Ford Smith finished 5th!

Men’s Results

  1. Jorge Maravilla – 8:02:27
  2. David Laney – 8:07:06
  3. Chikara Omine – 8:16:42
  4. Paul Terranova (Hoka ONE ONE – Rogue Running) – 8:51:50
  5. Ford Smith – 9:21:08

What did the youthful Ford think of the distance?

“100k is a fun distance because it’s far and it truly is an “ultra” distance but it’s for sure not 100 miles so you get to go home right when the going gets really tough.”

100 km Women’s Race

In the early miles Meghan Arbogast (CA) and Liza Howard (TX) enjoyed some early mile synchronized running and conversing. One of the most memorable moments of conversation for Liza was Meghan sharing when she started ultra running.

“Meghan told me that she hadn’t started ultrarunning until she was 41. My age. I hadn’t known that, and I spent a good part of the race considering it.”

Liza all smiles in the early going. (Photo: David Hanenburg)

Liza all smiles in the early going. (Credit: David Hanenburg…Not a great pic but the only one I had.)

By mile 22 (CrossRoads II), Meghan cruised into the aid station looking good and had created a one minute gap to Liza.

Eight minute behind Liza, Melanie Peters (MI) arrived with Silke Koester (CO) two minute behind Melanie.

Meghan was first to arrive at the Lodge in 4:35 for her 50 km split. Meghan still looked fairly relaxed heading out for the final loop.

“I still felt very good, and was cruising well at the start of loop two, which made me feel pretty excited.”

Liza arrived 11 minutes after Meghan, and was having to work through a low patch that hits nearly every ultra runner at some point. It’s usually not if, but when. 15 minutes later, Liza headed back out, walking, but moving forward. Melanie Peters was close behind, running.

Meghan had created over a 30 minute lead at mile 48…and then the cramp monster strikes!

“Climbing the Sisters, my hamstring was cramping, forcing me to stop, then walk slowly, and mend my ways with extra salt in the form of S!Caps. Once I got my blood back to balance I was feeling better and running well back to Cross Roads for the last time, but the damage was done, and I still had diarrhea one more time.  Believe me, I was looking over my shoulder more than once.”

Meghan Arbogast

Meghan Arbogast focused on the trail ahead. (Credit: Craig Mitchell ©

Melanie and Silke were running in second and third position in the chase and still looking steady.

Liza five minute behind the duo…and surging!

With less than 10 miles till the finish, Liza would catch, to her surprise, Melanie and Silke.

“I never expected to see Melanie and Silke again after they passed me (while I was lying on the ground, wrecked at Chapas). And when I did pass them, I figured they’d probably pass me again pretty soon. And when they didn’t, I figured they were close behind me, and I’d better not do any thinking about how nice it’d be to place well or to get a Western States slot — and just focus on running over those Bandera rocks and not tripping and falling on my face.”

Meghan continued moving as fast as her body would allow and crossed the finish in 10:12:57 to earn the female win!

Next to pop out of the woods was Liza for second place, and top TALON honors.

Women’s Results

  1. Meghan Arbogast (Scott Sports – Injinji) – 10:12:57
  2. Liza Howard (New Balance – UltrAspire) – 10:39:00
  3. Melanie Peters – 11:00:44
  4. Silke Koester – 11:01:44
  5. Shawn Chapler – 11:35:53

Our 100 km Tough-As-Nails finisher was Matthew Zabojnik of Texas who finished the 100km in 23:53:18!

50 km Women’s Race

Hardrocker, Betsy Kalmeyer of Colorado led all women across the finish line in 5:16:00!

Nicole Ferstl of Texas earned runner-up honors.

Women’s Results

  1. Betsy Kalmeyer – 5:16:00
  2. Nicole Ferstl – 5:39:29
  3. Nancy Finfrock – 5:41:32
  4. Sarah Stein-Lobovits – 6:04:09
  5. Anna Scheinzbach – 6:07:24
Fun (Photo Copyright and Credit: Craig Mitchell /

It is this fun! (Credit: Craig Mitchell ©

50 km Men’s Race

Tom Steidler of Colorado made the trip back to Bandera for the second year in a row and knocked off over 30 minutes from last year’s effort to take home the win in 4:18:58!

Joseph Niland of Texas was alone for second across the line.

Our 50 km Tough-As-Nails finisher was Liza Keogh of Texas who crossed the line in 17:17:43!

Men’s Results

  1. Tom Steidler – 4:18:58
  2. Joseph Niland – 4:32:36
  3. Andrew Washburn – 4:36:32
  4. Joel Stanford – 4:37:18
  5. Ken Gordon – 4:39:39
Steady to the finish! (Photo  Copyright and Credit: Jake North /

Steady to the finish! (Credit: Jake North ©

25 km Men’s Race

After finishing fifth in the 100km last year, Erik Stanley of Texas, flew through the 25km course to finish alone at the front in 1:42:15!

Ashish Patel brought home the final sub-2 finish with runner-up honors.

Men’s Results

  1. Erik Stanley – 1:42:15
  2. Ashish Patel – 1:52:48
  3. Jody Brocolli-Hickey – 2:13:48
  4. Jeremy Domanski – 2:16:49
  5. Gerardo Orozco – 2:19:09
It doesn't happen without wonderful volunteers! (Photo Copyright and Credit: Craig Mitchell /

It doesn’t happen without wonderful volunteers! (Credit: Craig Mitchell ©

25 km Women’s Results

Yanory Hernandez of Texas won Pandora’s Box of Rox 13 miler in May. You can now add Bandera 25 km to that list of wins. Yanory cross the finish line in 2:21:23 and ninth overall!

Meredith Gardner cruised in for second.

Women’s Results

  1. Yanory Hernandez – 2:21:23
  2. Meredith Gardner – 2:25:57
  3. Kristen Baucher – 2:30:19
  4. Anne Felts – 2:40:31
  5. Alyssa Fowler – 2:50:22
The finish feels pretty darn good! (Photo Copyright and Credit: Rick Kent /

The finish feels pretty darn good! (Credit: Rick Kent ©

Complete results for all races.

Race Day Memories from the 500th km Club

Enjoy some race day memories of those that finished their 500th Bandera kilometer this year!

Brian Ricketts (TX)

“My most memorable moment (because it saved my race) was having Olga take care of me at Last Chance on the first loop.  I was having a bad stretch mentally and had already made up my mind to drop.  Olga took one look at me and immediately knew what to do.  After some salt tabs, a couple cups of Coke, and a great ice towel wipe down on my face and neck, Olga sent me on my way with strict instructions to take a gel halfway into the section.  Within minutes, I began to feel better and actually started running.  By the time I reached the Lodge, all thoughts of a DNF were long gone, and I felt like a new man.  Olga saved my race.  So I owe my Bandera PR to her.”

Julia Gale (TX)

“My favorite part of the race was actually a part that I usually don’t like that much. With the 50k, I find the part between Nachos and Chapas hard and get frustrated because it is so runable yet my legs are still recovering from the 10 miles of hills. This year I ran into Jeff Linwood, and he was a great fun companion so that I hardly noticed those miles. Thanks Jeff!”

Danny Ponder (OK)

“After running the first 50k I was almost dehydrated to the point of no return and really feeling ill. I went for a long walk 8-9 miles into my second loop when I arrived at the Chapas aid station where they had out a bowl of sliced dill pickles. I downed a couple handfuls and it amazed me to the instant relief they brought. After a couple repeat visits to the pickle bowl I was back running again to finish the race strong. All the Gu Roctane,Perpetuem, Clif Bloks I brought were no match for the $3 a jar pickles.”

Ken Gordon (NM)

“We enjoyed our annual winter pilgrimage to Bandera in search of warmer temps and an awesome course. Joe puts on an awesome run. It is a gnarly course where everying cuts, bites or stings and the rocks are ever present. We had our usual New Mexico tribe there running the roller coaster course in 68 degree weather. First race in a long time I lamented seeing the finish line. Enjoyed watching the rest of the crew finish with smiles, Sotol Cactus scars, and lots of good stories. Margaret, Josh and Alex Gordon, our friends Rondi Thornton, and Besty Kalmeyer (women’s 50k champ) all had great days punctuated with a feast at Busbee’s barbecue.”

Tanya Espalin (TX)

“I love how an entire community of runners come together to help another accomplish a goal. During a low moment in the race my safety runner and friend sternly said “Come on Tanya, you’re not digging deep! I know you’re not !@#$ing digging deep because you haven’t cried yet!” Only a REAL friend would say that.”

Jason Espalin (TX)

“I remembering thinking during the last 5 miles that I have ran Bandera in pretty much every kind of weather condition. Heat, humidity, muginess, freezing 8 degree temps, and even rain. I also remember thinking while I was baking in the heat of the day that I just have to finish so I get my jacket and never have to run Bandera again! Of course, I do love Bandera.”

Additional 500th km finishers:

  • Liza Howard (TX)
  • George Blust (TX)
  • Jon Tremont (TX)
  • David Jackson (TX)
  • Sonia Burdett (TX)
  • Barbara Hitzfeld (TX)

One final Bandera goody – Bonus Q&A thoughts from Meghan, Paul, Liza, and Ford.

Check out all the great professional Bandera race pics by Enduro Photo.

Special thanks to Rick Kent and the entire Enduro Photo team for their support with great pics. Also, thanks to Paul Terranova, Ford Smith, Meghan Arbogast, Liza Howard, Brian Ricketts, Julia Gale, Danny Ponder, Ken Gordon, and Tanya and Jason Espalin for their support and insight.

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