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Athens – Big Fork Trail Marathon 2014 Results – Interview with Joshua Snyder

On January 4th, one of the toughest and likely unknown marathon trail scampers in the TALON region took place in west central Arkansas at the Athens-Big Fork Trail Marathon. This fat-ass-ish fun run is not for the trail rookie and specifically states such a message. And it’s no joke due to the course remoteness and limited access to get your butt out of there.


You get to grunt up eight mountains on the way out and get to revisit them on the return trip.


Marathon distance or 17 miles to chew on.

Results – Marathon

Joshua Snyder finished second behind his good friend and current course record holder, Tommy Brennan, in the 2013 edition of the men’s race. This year Joshua was able to create some separation in the back half of the course, to earn the win in 4:29!

Men’s Results

  1. Joshua Snyder – 4:29
  2. Tom Brennan – 4:40:55
  3. David Mitchell – 5:01

Alison Jumper finished 5th overall for the female win in 5:28!

Women’s Results

  1. Alison Jumper – 5:28
  2. Bee Miller – 5:46
  3. Diane Diebold – 6:35

17 Miler Top 10

  1. Erich Washausen – 3:03:25
  2. Joshua Hillebrand – 3:06:45
  3. Jordon Christy – 3:20
  4. Cory Johnson – 3:21
  5. Rob Seibert – 3:22
  6. AJ Johnson – 3:31
  7. James Reeves – 3:37:06
  8. Don Grencil – 3:47:13
  9. Jared Wakeham – 3:47:22
  10. Kendal Repass – 3:53:37

Complete results for the marathon and 17 miler

Interview with Joshua Snyder

Check out our interview with men’s marathon winner, Joshua Snyder, where we learn about his running background, the morning on the trails at Athens-Big Fork, and why birthday cake may be seen in his drop bag for upcoming races.


Podcast: Download (Duration: 21:53 – 10 MB)

You can check out Josh’s blog here.

Special thanks to Josh for the interview and pics!

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