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The Family Experience: Through the Eyes of the Crownover Boys at the Grasslands Trail Run

The Crownover family of Texas has always inspired me with their ability to integrate family and the trail running experience. More often than not, you will see the entire Crownover family either running, supporting, crewing, or looking for bugs under fallen tree limbs.

Father, Matthew, is a long time veteran of the sport and great ambassador of our tribe.

Son, Noah, now 12, will be seen playing, crewing, pacing, and enjoys trail racing as well with finishes up to the 25km distance.

Son, Micah, now 9, follows in his big brother’s treadsteps and has also completed up to the 25km distance on the trails.

Micah and Noah at Grasslands.

Brothers, Micah and Noah at Grasslands.

Wife, Juliana, with daughters, Miriam and Lydia, can be seen supporting and crewing (and playing) through the day…and nights.

Enjoy a little video (OK, not so little.) where I met up with the Crownover family at the 2013 Grasslands Trail Run in north Texas and talked with Noah and Micah about the sport, and followed both Noah and Matthew throughout their half marathon and marathon adventure. Originally I was just going to follow Noah and Micah, but the course overlap worked out nicely where we got to see Matthew many times as well. (Micah was planned to race as well, but was dealing with the crud and sat this out one but became a great supporter throughout the day.)

Btw, it was Micah (not Noah, still on course) with the camera when Matthew finishes. I knew Matthew would be arriving very soon but had to park the car. Gave the camera to Micah and showed him how to use it…then within a few seconds Matthew comes cruising through. 🙂

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

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