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Battlefield Trail Run 2013 Results – Rain, Run, and Plenty of Fun on the Trails in Southern Louisiana

Home of a National Historic Landmark from Civil War times, the Port Hudson State Historic Site hosted the Battlefield 5km, 10km, and half marathon trail run on October 19. Over 80 runners made the trip a short drive north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana that included below average temps and a few puddle jumping opportunities.


Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

The half marathon, saw Brian Novak move to the front early and gradually increased the separation from the chase group to beyond three minutes at the finish line. Brian took home the male win in 1:33:05!

The male race for second was a fun one between Daniel Forman and Albert Dean Marshall. AD held a few stride lead for much of the run. Little chatter between the two due to the spicy pace but AD had to speak briefly with 5km to go.

” I couldn’t help point out around mile 10 that not only had we synchronized our stride, that we could be mistaken for one runner after he cleared his throat within a fraction of second of clearing my own.”

To the finish they pushed, synchronized no longer as Daniel made a move to the front. It stuck. Daniel crossed the finish four seconds in front of AD for runner-up honors.

Half Marathon Men’s Results

  1. Brian Novak – 1:33:05
  2. Daniel Forman – 1:36:13
  3. AD Marshall – 1:36:17
Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

No females in the half scamper.

The girls did show up for the 10 km!

Sub-20 minute 5 ker, Kristie Buddenbaum, led all females across the 10 km finish in 45:58!

Kris Dixon led the chase group for runner-up honors.

10 km Women’s Results

  1. Kristie Buddenbaum – 45:58
  2. Kris Dixon – 49:28
  3. Lisa Ruttemeyer – 51:53
Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Will Sheftall and Michael Migues inspired each other for the dash to cross the finish line first. Will created a modest gap to win the 10 km male race in 36:01.

10 km Men’s Results

  1. Will Sheftall – 36:01
  2. Michael Migues – 37:10
  3. Walker Higgins – 40:09

Alison Mckiernan won the 5km female race in 29:57! Sub 14 year old, Rylie Angelle, finished third.

5 km Women’s Results

  1. Allison Mckiernan – 29:57
  2. Jen O’Connell – 31:19
  3. Rylie Angelle – 33:16
Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

Photo: Courtesy Forge Racing /

James Riente was alone at the front of the men’s 5 km race to cross the finish first in 26:32! Henry Galindo held a small gap for second place honors.

5 km Men’s Results

  1. James Riente – 26:32
  2. Henry Galindo – 28:03
  3. Matthew Holliday – 28:11

Complete results for all races.

Also a stop at Inspiration Point, with 65+ year old, Cora Lee, celebrating a 5 km finish!

Special thanks to AD Marshall and Jeffrey Beck of Forge Racing for their support with this article.

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