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Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd 2013 Results – A Pumpkin Smashin’ Run Party in NE Oklahoma – Audio Interview with Brandon and Cameron Plate (100k Finishers at age 13 and 12!)

The third annual Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd took place on the rollin’, non-technical dirt roads within the beautiful J.T. Nickel Preserve in northeast Oklahoma. The TATUR crew offered a 25km, 50km, 100km or 100 mile scamper where you actually can look around while running without falling on your face. Nice change of pace if looking for a soft surface adventure.


Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Temps ranging from 35F-60F made for run friendly temps once you got movin.

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

After running the Heartland 100 one week early in sub-21 hour time, Gerardo Ramirez of Texas laced them up for another 100 mile day. Gerardo put together a solid steady effort for most of the day before slowing on the last 50 km loop. Gerardo kept moving forward and would not be caught as he went on to win the male race in 21:10:04!

Zach Adams of Kansas earned runner-up honors.

Btw, Gerardo would go finish Pinhoti 100 two weeks after smashing the pumpkin!

100 Mile Men’s Results

  1. Gerardo Ramirez – 21:10:04
  2. Zach Adams – 21:50:30
  3. Nathan Ferraro – 23:24:06

Rebecca Reynolds of Alabama was back to defend her 2012 100 mile win. Rebecca put together a spicy effort through the first 40 miles and then kept progress steady for the final 100km to finish third overall with a repeat win in 22:24:35!

Sharon James of Oklahoma appeared to have finished her first 100 and took home runner-up honors.

Sharon James (Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Sharon James all smiles at the finish! (Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

100 Mile Women’s Results

  1. Rebecca Reynolds – 22:24:35
  2. Sharon James – 25:10:36
  3. Michele McGrew – 25:16:22

The 100 km men’s race saw Jake Anderson of Arkansas lead from start to finish in a time of 10:18:44.

Kenyon McWilliams lead the chase group for runner-up honors.

100 km Men’s Results

  1. Jake Anderson – 10:18:44
  2. Kenyon McWilliams – 10:54:18
  3. Jacob Curley – 11:08:44
Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

The 100 km also saw 12 year old, Cameron Plate and his 13 year old brother Brandon of Tulsa finish the 100km in sub-15 hours and within top 10 of the overall!

Megan Nobriga 0f Alabama won the female 100 km race in 13:48:06!

Shannon Puphal and Janel Vigil of Texas crossed the finish line together for runner-up honors.

100 km Women’s Results

  1. Megan Nobriga – 13:48:06
  2. Shannon Puphal / Janel Vigil – 16:47:05
  3. Barbara Pinkerton – 18:24:01

The one loop 50km was spearheaded by Olivia and Brent Eves of Kansas, and the two would crossed the finish together in sub-5 hours!

Chris Owens of Oklahoma and Kay Mathias of Kansas would would take home second place honors. Chris had a bit more fun to hold onto his spot in the final miles.

50 km Men’s Results

  1. Brent Eves – 4:59:22
  2. Chris Owens – 5:06:35
  3. Jbob Jones – 5:06:56
Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

50 km Women’s Results

  1. Olivia Eves – 4:59:21
  2. Kay Mathias – 5:11:48
  3. Jenny Sanchez – 5:28:21

Lori Enlow of Oklahoma finishes fifth overall and won the female 25 km in 2:01:42! Lori ran nearly the same time last year but oh, how this year’s better pacing led to a completely different experience as she shares.

“Last year I almost blew up trying to chase the front runners. I was frustrated and pretty miserable sucking wind,busting my ass, feeling like I was going to puke the whole way. This year I was determined to hold back and race within my ability and see what would happen. I honestly expected to be a lot slower with this strategy. How could I be as fast if I didn’t bust my ass the whole way again? It worked. I felt fantastic, finished in essentially the same time and had a negative split. It was a real confidence booster. AND because I did scale back I actually got to enjoy the course!”

Who wants to negative split at their next race?!?

Merry McCoul of Texas would be in hot pursuit the entire run and earn runner-up honors.

25 km Women’s Results

  1. Lori Enlow – 2:01:42
  2. Merry McCoul – 2:04:36
  3. Katherine Campbell – 2:17:45
Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Photo: Courtesy Danielle Huddleston /

Reynaldo Gomez of Oklahoma and Sergio Martinez of Texas inspired each other from the early strides to the final meters across the finish line. Three seconds separated the two! Yep – 3! Reynaldo had the extra kick to sneak out the win.

25 km Men’s Results

  1. Reynaldo Gomez – 1:47:29
  2. Sergio Martinez – 1:47:32
  3. Mike Woodward – 1:49:31

The 25 km also saw a finish for four year old Erin Tygart of Tulsa!

What’s in the water up in Tulsa?

Complete results for all races.

Audio Interview: Brandon and Cameron Plate

Enjoy our chat with Pumpkin Holler 100 km finishers, brothers Brandon (age 13) and Cameron (age 12) Plate where we discuss their training, first 50 and 100 milers, Pumpkin Holler 100 km, Brandon’s Finding Nemo mantra for the final miles of a race, and tips for your first 5 km or ultra.

Cameron and Brandon Plate (Photo: Courtesy Mark Plate)

Cameron and Brandon Plate (Photo: Courtesy Mark Plate)

Podcast: Download (Duration: 17:59 – 8.24 MB)

Special thanks to Lori Enlow, Mark Plate, Brandon and Cameron Plate, and Danielle Huddleston of Danielle Huddleston Photography for their support with this article.

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