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Pajarito Trail Fest 2013 Results – Playing in the Snow at 10,000 feet – Audio Interviews with Lacy Wilson and Erica Baron

Scampering through snow covered singletrack between 9000-10,000 feet!

Can you dig it?!?

Nearly 100 runners played up and down Pajarito mountain in Los Alamos, New Mexico on October 19 for the Pajarito Trail Fest. Runners ran a clockwise loop that took you above 10,000 feet before heading back down for a 15 mile and 10km adventure that also included sections of shoe-deep snow within the wooded trail which only added to the fun of those steep climbs and descents.


Photo: Copyright Jim Stein /


The men’s 15 mile race came down to a push-to-the-finish effort between Scott Archer of Colorado and local Clay Moseley. Scott was born and raised in Los Alamos so he was definitely familiar with the trails having ran them for many years during his cross country years in high school.

Here we go!

Scott kept the effort conservative in the early miles before putting together a solid effort on the major slip-sliding climb up Pajarito.

“There was more snow than I expected on the trail and climbing while slipping around was challenging. I was probably ten spots back at the bottom of the climb, but worked up to probably fourth by the top.”


Scott Archer looking relaxed playing in the snow. (Photo: Copyright Jim Stein /

Clay was pushing steady at the front on the descent arriving back at the start/10km finish in the pole position with an out-and-back section of nine total miles yet to go.

After having lost sight of Clay in the early going of the climb up Pajarito, Scott was excited to see him again.

“At the bottom of the ski hill, about a mile before the finish of the 10k course I spotted Clay in front. I stripped my gloves and long sleeve shirt at the aid station and took on my water expecting it to be much warmer in the burn area (it was not). Heading onto Canada Bonita I was feeling good and wanted to keep it reeled in until the turn around because I knew the hills on the way back would require something in the tank.”

 Midway along the outbound segment, Scott caught and passed Clay during a downhill section and created a one minute gap at the turn-ar0und.

Scott would burn a match or two up the steep climb immediately after the turn-around which made the gap stick.

Scott went on to win the male race in 2:12:16!

Clay finished a couple minutes later for runner-up honors.

15 Mile Men’s Results

  1. Scott Archer (Vertical Runner Breckenridge) – 2:12:16
  2. Clay Moseley – 2:14:54
  3. Matthew Felton – 2:16:19

Lacy Wilson of Colorado finished seventh overall and won the female 15 mile race in 2:39:20! This wasn’t without a bit of extra excitement as Lacy shares in our interview below.


Lacy Wilson cruising along the pine needle covered trail. (Photo: Copyright Jim Stein /

Santa Fe runner, Sheila Van Cuyk, who is frequently pushing the pace in the front group earned runner-up honors.

15 Mile Women’s Results

  1. Lacy Wilson (Vertical Runner Breckenridge) – 2:39:20
  2. Sheila Van Cuyk – 2:41:15
  3. Whitney Dreier – 2:44:10

Audio Interview: Lacy Wilson

Enjoy our interview with Lacy as she shares her joy of lacing up the tread and how the Pajarito snow scamper played out and became a bit of a longer run than she was planning.

Podcast: Download (Duration: 7:54 – 3.62 MB)

Los Alamos local, Erica Baron, is often seen pushing a spicy effort in a variety of race distances was able to work the big climb and get to the front to lead all across the finish for the overall 10 km win in 55:13!


Erica Baron breaking the trail for fellow runners. (Photo: Copyright Jim Stein /

Stephanie Wingo was in an exciting little race with Kate Lapides to hold onto second place honors.

10km Women’s Results

  1. Erica Baron – 55:13
  2. Stephanie Wingo – 1:08:49
  3. Kate Lapides – 1:09:02

Audio Interview: Erica Baron

Enjoy our chat with Erica Baron where we chat about her running background, racing in a variety of distances, dealing with overtraining, the showdown at Pajarito, and representing New Mexico’s Masters Women’s team at the USATF cross country championship in Oregon.

Podcast: Download (Duration: 15:38 – 7.16 MB)

The 10 km men’s race was a leg burning, oxygen begging, vomit inducing cage match (anyone watch wrestling as a child? :)) between six guys! All six locals crossed the finish within a 70 second window.

First to survive the battle royale was Mike Engelhardt who won the male race in 59:00!


Mike Engelhardt focused on the push. (Photo: Copyright Jim Stein / jimsteinphotography)

Dennis Milligan found a way to create a small gap from the chase group to grab runner-up honors.

10km Men’s Results

  1. Mike Engelhardt – 59:00
  2. Dennis Milligan – 59:23
  3. Zach Hill – 59:29

Complete results for both races.

A great mix of all ages came out to play including Shawn Wilson (13), Ted Williams (66), and Robert Reedy (71)!

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All photos Copyright Jim Stein /

Check out Jim Stein Photography for many more great photos from the race.

Special thanks to Scott Archer, Lacy Wilson, Erica Baron, and Jim Stein of Jim Stein Photography for their support with this article.

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