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Hunter Gatherer Ultra 2013 Results – Simplicity, Self-Sufficiency, Human Potential, Adventure

In early October, a new trail adventure took place on the remote, rugged, and Texas Hill Country beautiful grounds of Camp Eagle in Rocksprings, Texas. The Hunter Gatherer Ultra is not your typical trail race. Oh yes, you will have course markings but be prepared to be self-sufficient with most everything else. Water, food, self-care – you better have it or be able to find it.


Photo: Courtesy of

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Norwood

The vibe is simplicity, self-sufficiency, human potential, adventure.

The race had both a survival run that included a mix of obstacles and challenges you had to complete before moving on. We will focus on the 100km and 50km ultra run which used much of the same course but without the added obstacles/challenges.

A glimpse into the Survival run! (Photo: Courtesy

A glimpse into the Survival run for the curious! (Photo: Courtesy of Tom Norwood)

Temps danced between 70 and 90F under a beneficial cloud cover mixed in throughout the day. While no runner finished the 100km, the 50km had 12 adventurers from throughout the country and world complete the journey.

Chief Bradon and Emily Hames, both from Australia, led all across the line with 5:48 and 6:50 finish times respectively!


Chief Bradon and Emily Hames all smiles at the finish! (Photo: Courtesy Fuego Y Agua Events)

Runners would continue to periodically cruise into the finish with Maria Walton, Dawn Burke, and Margaret Schlachter crossing the finish together as our final and Tough-As-Nails finishers in 13:33:00.

Tough-As-Nails! -

Tough-As-Nails! – Maria Walton, Dawn Burke, and Margaret Schlachter (Photo: Courtesy Fuego Y Agua Events)

Maria shares her strongest memories from the experience…

“The connections of running people. The competition was to finish the race, feeling rejuvenated, and inspired. All runners stayed at the finish pavilion, encouraging one another. Well into the night as the athletes finished, each participant was filled with honor, respect and admiration of everyones accomplishments. We are a family now. It was a wild adventure!”

Complete results

Special thanks to Josue Stephens, Tom Norwood, and Maria Walton for their support with this article.

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  1. on 24 Oct 2013 at 4:09 am dalton

    Hey, that’s me and my 95# log-friend at “packet-pickup”. Fun times.

  2. on 24 Oct 2013 at 2:18 pm David Hanenburg

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