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Texas Trail Running Camp 2.0 – Coming November

The rugged beauty of Texas Hill Country in November.

A community of great people.

Meals prepared and waiting for you.

Everything trail running…and then some…and then some more.

Photo: Courtesy Joe Prusaitis

Photo: Courtesy Joe Prusaitis

Yes, a great weekend awaits on November 8-11 at the second annual Team RWB Trail Running Camp organized by a team of knowledgeable, organized, and passionate folks – Liza Howard, Jason and Allison Bryant, and Joe and Joyce Prusaitis of Tejas Trails. This all takes place at Camp Eagle, located 2.5 hours northwest of San Antonio, Texas.

If you aren’t familiar with the camp, it has a vision much, much bigger than purely a running camp. The camp combines this unique partnership with Team RWB, a non-profit that supports veteran reintegration with their local communities by using physical activity (such as running) as the special sauce.

The camp will contain a hearty blend of veterans and civilians of all running abilities being supported, cared for, and educated by some of the top trail runners in the country along with a local group of spirited volunteers.

So what is the camp like?

Check out my article from volunteering at the camp last year.

Summary – We had fun! 🙂

New this Year

A couple enhancements this year include Austin nutritionist and ultra runner, Meredith Terranova, consulting with Camp Eagle to help dial up the nutritional goodness…and keep it tasty!

Per Liza, “Those deep-fired cinnamon and sugar covered churros probably won’t make the cut this year. So pack your own!”

Also…and this is big….Ranger Coffee is partnering with the camp so there will be coffee for the early morning runs! Woot! Bring your favorite coffee mug from home and fill’r up before we hit the trails.

The Daily Vibe

The weekend flow of fun will be quite similar to last year as Liza shares, “We will run, eat, listen/learn, socialize and repeat – three times a day.”

About the running…

“The running blocks will last about an hour, and participants will be divided into groups based on ability level and motivation.  There will be a focus to each run (eg. downhill running, technical trail running, or trail etiquette and first aid, etc.) and each group will have a 4 to 1 mentor to participant ratio.”

About the listen and learning…

“There will be a series of four hour-long talks about running nutrition, injury prevention, hydration, and training and racing plans that all the participants will cycle through over the course of the weekend.”

There will also be a couple optional presentations by Mike Ehredt and Jay Danek.

Mike is a military veteran that has participated in a wide range of endurance sports that include being one of 47 athletes to have completed the Rocky Mountain Slam (Bighorn 100, Hardrock 100, Wasatch 100, The Bear 100) to date, and in 2010 Mike ran solo and unsupported across the United States (over 4300 miles) in honor of our fallen troops (Project America Run).

Jay recently wrote a book, Got to Live, about the healing trail and ultra running provided him after the loss of his father.

Also, Nikki Kimball will be the showcased guest speaker this year! Nikki has a wide range of ultra endurance experience and accolades that include three-time North American Ultra Runner of the Year and three-time winner of the most competitive 100 miler in the United States, Western States. Nikki is also showcased in a feature called Finding Traction which follows her adventure of running Vermont’s 273 mile Long Trail with a focus on completing it as fast as her feet would move her. Go, Go, Go! Check out the great trailer.

And who can forget the obstacle run at the end of the camp last year! And YES, it’s back!

A Few Spots Left

Per Liza, there are less than 25 spots still available and late registration price increase kicks in September 1st!

Registration: No messin’ around, I am ready for a weekend of trail running fun

More details: Team RWB Trail Running Camp

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  1. on 09 Sep 2013 at 6:37 am Shelly Diaz

    FYI, it is now full. There is a wait list you can sign up for.