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Trail Running Read: Got to Live by Jay Danek

I recently finished reading Got to Live by fellow trail runner Jay Danek. I met Jay and his family at the Team RWB Trail Running Camp last Fall as they were part of the volunteer tribe that helped with the amazing weekend. Jay had this warm and welcoming personality and we enjoyed a few nice conversations as our children played together during various windows of free time throughout the memory making weekend.

We all have a story.

Got to Live shares Jay’s journey of finding his way through this life. And like for all of us, the path isn’t always clear, it can get a bit bumpy along the way, and it provides a number of opportunity to learn about ourselves and grow as a person. The one rock solid foundation throughout it all of this was his mother and father.

We all have those life moments that impact us and can shape our future.

Then Jay loses his father at the age of 58.

Coping with loss is both an individual and a community healing process.

Fork in the road.

With the planting of a seed (boot camp gift certificate) by his wife, Traci (which Jay was not remotely excited about), Jay truly begins the healing process. From boot camp twice a week, to hiking the 4.3 mile Gateway Loop at the nearby McDowell Mountains, Jay began to transform his life from hope-less to hope-ful.

This McDowell Mountain hike became a special place of reflection for Jay that would eventually inspire this 275 pound non-runner to progressively run this same trail, and to honor his father by running 923 straight days.

Ummm, yep, 923 straight days!

The book shares a number of trail racing adventures up to the 100 miler that contain great finishes, good people, amazing venues, and the sit-on-the-trail vomit comet moments.

Got to Live showcases this 923 day running journey while intermixed with reflections of his father and family, and other personal outside-of-running life moments.

My biggest reflection opportunities Got to Live inspired:

  • The people around you, your network, can greatly impact the future of your life.
  • Every hardship has with it a seed of transformation. Don’t forget to plant and water.
  • You can let life happen to you or you can by part of the creation process. One is more fun (but not necessarily easier) than the other.
  • Our trail running tribe is pretty cool.

If interested in Got to Live, you can purchase at Amazon.

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