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Out N Back Trail Run 2013 Results


Out-N-Back Trail Run

June 22, 2013

25.4 mile, half mary, 10 km, 5 km

Kincaid Lake Recreation Area, Louisiana


Race Director’s Report – Jeffrey Beck

FORGE Racing is notorious for putting on trail races all over the state of Louisiana and into Mississippi. One of the main goals of FORGE is to provide runners with a great race experience, while exposing them to places they may have never known existed or visited before. There are so many underutilized trails out there, and we love giving you an excuse to come challenge yourself, get back to nature, have fun with us, and expand your personal geography.

For the first year of the FORGE Racing OUT N BACK Trail Races, at Kincaid lake Recreation Area, Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana we had a great turn out of 80 runners. The participating runners came from surrounding cities such as, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe, & Jackson, Mississippi just to name a few. There were four race distances offered: a 5 km, 10 km, Half Marathon, and 25.4 miler.


The fact that the race was run on June 22nd (one day after the Summer Solstice) was proof that the race was going to have some record heat. With the race beginning at 7:30 AM at the E. Kincaid Lake Boat Launch, the runners were treated with mild conditions, partly due to the fact that the sun had not risen above the trees yet. Little after the start the temperatures began to rise and reached the mid 90s. The forest is a mix of pine trees, deciduous trees, and tropical plants. With the sun rising, the forest turned into near tropical conditions of humidity and heat. The runners were required to carry water to begin the race because of the extreme heat. There were a number of aid stations on the course, but prevention was key in avoiding heat exhaustion.

The out and back style of the race was a unique feature in that with each obstacle or decent, ultimately became a climb on the way back. It’s funny because I was accused of making the race uphill in both directions, out and back. Now that is proof that this is a tough course. The 5 km, 10 km, and Half Marathon had a true out and back experience, while the 25.4 milers had a lolly-pop shaped course in which they utilized the same out and back as the other distances, but had a round portion to complete as well.


The trails at the Kincaid Recreation Area, which just happen to connect with the Wild Azalea Trail are some of the most under utilized trails in Central Louisiana. The trails are beautiful, wide single track, with a mix of sand, dirt, roots, and exceptional climbs and descents. The Lake Trail portion of the race has non-stop views of the beautiful Kincaid reservoir.

– Jeffrey Beck


25.4 Mile Top 5 Male

  1. Jason Jeffirs – 4:32:35
  2. Ed Melancon – 4:37:42
  3. Lane Gremillion – 5:14:12
  4. Ryan Cope – 5:50:21
  5. Patrick Doring – 6:50:46

Tara Knight was the sole female runner in the 25.4 miler, and she finished in 7:30:00.


Half Marathon Top 5 Female

  1. Amy Centanni – 2:21:12
  2. Marcia Rachel – 2:25:50
  3. Mary Winnett – 2:26:45
  4. Jacque Murphy – 2:49:04
  5. Renee Roy – 2:49:09

Half Marathon Top 5 Male

  1. Shane Huff – 1:35:51
  2. Shane Walsh – 1:36:40
  3. David Theriot – 1:46:55
  4. Eric Roy – 1:51:15
  5. Jason Thompson – 1:53:56

10 km Top 5 Male

  1. Drew Thompson – 56:19
  2. William Crenshaw – 1:02:29
  3. Mark Thomps0n – 1:05:21
  4. Don Lachney – 1:09:01
  5. Zachary Ballard – 1:12:38

10 km Top 5 Female

  1. Kristie Buddenbaum – 50:06
  2. Lisa Rustemeyer – 1:00:42
  3. Landie Maddox – 1:06:25
  4. Anna Magee – 1:12:55
  5. Jennifer Davis – 1:17:51


5 km Top 5 Female

  1. Lacey Blocker – 28:55
  2. Maureen Thiessen – 29:42
  3. Christie Johnson – 35:32
  4. Valerie Acevedo – 35:58
  5. Shauna Bradford – 40:01

5 km All 4 Male

  1. Roderick Murchison – 37:04
  2. Michael Robertson – 38:15
  3. Daniel Leduc – 38:53
  4. Wayne Denley – 43:45

Complete results for all races.

Special thanks to Jeffrey Beck for sharing this summary with the tribe.

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