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Angel Fire Endurance Run 2013 Results – Forest Closures Deliver a Tougher Course But Higher Finish Rate at High Altitude in New Mexico


Angel Fire Endurance Run

June 22, 2013

100 mile, 50 mile, 50 km

Angel Fire Resort, New Mexico

Race Director’s Report – Chisholm Deupree

Last minute (day before) changes in the fire danger conditions required race directors and resort staff to make some tough decisions in order to make sure that the race would be a reality. The Carson National Forrest was no longer an option, but the Greenbelt trails, and Angel Fire Mountain trails offered a very good alternative course with ample climb, single track dirt trails, and a very challenging climb up to the summit on Kit Carson, a very difficult downhill ski run. (and more difficult uphill climb rated 25% grade with loose jagged rock)

Photo: Courtesy Peggy Wood

Photo: Courtesy Peggy Wood

All races started together, with the 50 km, 50 milers and 100 milers leaving the Lodge at 5:00 am. The course was two main sections: the six mile greenbelt trails (Bear, Deer & Elk) and the 19 mile Mountain trail which started at the Start/Finish aid station, ran up the Enlightenment trail to Kit Carson road, then over the summit, past the Chapel, and then down the mountain road Camino Real, to a turn around aid station manned by Larry Flies, Station Captain.

After runners refreshed and reloaded, they turned around and followed the same road and trail back to the Lodge (start/finish) for another aid stop before another Greenbelt loop for the 50 km runners. The 50 milers would complete the full course twice and the 100 milers four times.

Photo: Courtesy Peggy Wood

Photo: Courtesy Peggy Wood

Although the day was warm and sunny, a steady breeze kept the air dry and mild with coolness in the shaded areas. Runners were wise to cover in sunblock because the rays were bright and strong otherwise.

The new course was not considered easier than 2012, however the runners finished at a higher rate this year. The 100 miler had three finishers this year compared to one last year. Christopher White, last year’s champion fought hard, but could not catch Peter Livingstone’s 27 hour 24 minute finish time. Christopher improved on his time though by 1 hour 26 minutes. Megan Dell is the only woman finisher in the 100 mile race, beating the cutoff with 23 minutes to spare. Her performance was overall one of the most inspiring due to her strong will, especially in the final five hours of the race.

Despite the changes, runners seemed very pleased with the course, and the race management. Belt buckle awards are presented to all finishers within the stated cutoffs, along with a Certificate of Completion with Name and Finish Time immediately after crossing the line.


(Photos: Courtesy Chisholm Deupree /

Those that stuck around were treated to hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, hot veggie wraps, roasted potatos, and whatever else sounded good from the aid tables overflowing with ham & turkey, chips, crackers, cookies, ramen soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and PBJs .


(Photos: Courtesy Chisholm Deupree /

The race organization was extremely grateful to have Steve and Diane and the crew from Philmont Boyscout Ranch to organize, support, and stock the main aid station. It gave the scouts and their leaders the opportunity to interact with all of the runners, and lend the valuable service necessary to complete the run. We could not have done the race without them.

Also, special thanks goes out to Angel Fire Resort, and The Angel Fire Fire Department who were accommodating and supportive, despite the chaos that the fire closures caused.

As an event director, I am extremely gratified and well rewarded with the sharing of the runners’ performances and comments about the race. We are making plans for the 3rd annual event in 2014, with the same expectations for an excellent venue and competition.

– Chisholm Deupree


100 mile All three Finishers

  1. Peter Livingstone (M) – 27:24:53
  2. Christopher White (M) – 27:54:46
  3. Megan Dell (F) – 31:37:29

50 mile Top 5 Male

  1. Lars Kjerengtroen – 8:12:02
  2. Josh Vaughn – 8:50:42
  3. Michael Bigelow – 9:33:31
  4. James Breyfogle – 10:20:41
  5. David Sooter – 11:35:53

50 mile All female

  1. Michaeline Nelson – 10:27:46
  2. Veronika Mocko – 13:15:16

50 km Top 5 female

  1. Stephanie Tierney – 6:16:09
  2. Sarah Stein-Lobovits – 7:18:50
  3. Sarah Dufay – 7:42:51
  4. Kameron Straight – 8:07:44
  5. Amy Pannell – 8:24:57

50 km Top 5 male

  1. Michael Bursum – 5:26:45
  2. Chris McClure – 5:43:53
  3. Spencer Shuman – 6:29:24
  4. Kevin Kinser – 7:35:51
  5. Keith Hulsey – 7:39:26

 Complete results

Special thanks to Chisholm for sharing this summary and Peggy Wood for sharing a few additional snazzy pics.

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    The more I think about it, the more impressive MDell’s finish is. Huge congrats.

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