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The CatSmacker Trail Run 2013 Results


June 8, 2013

Lake Winona Park, Arkansas

Race Director’s Report – Chrissy Ferguson

Over the years, many runners have asked how The CatSmacker got its name – It is Stan’s nickname.

Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

A better question is, how did Stan get the name CatSmacker?

Many years ago, one of my cats was found in our bedroom (cats are not allowed in our bedroom). In his rage he tried to kick the cat, missed, and kicked the door jam. He broke his little toe and the one next to it; both toes were bent and deformed. I was very angry and yelled at him. As I yelled, he just kept saying “leave me alone I think I broke my foot!” I called Dr. Feelgood (Tilley), our family doctor. I explained that Stan may have broken his toes and what should I do? He asked me if the toes were aligned or deformed; if deformed, pull on each toe to put them back in alignment, tape the toes together, and have him come see him in the morning. I replied “I will pull and realign his toes with pleasure!” As I pulled on each toe he screamed in pain and I just smiled.

In the morning Tilley x-rayed Stan’s foot, told Stan that I did a great job of setting his toes and taping them and that there was nothing else he could do for him. Stan was unable to run for a while and had to miss Sylamore Trail Run that year. With his toes still taped up, he stupidly ran the Little Rock Marathon, though.

As for the fourteenth annual CatSmacker, we had 111 runners finish either the Cat [23-ish miles] or Kitty [12 mile]. The weather was perfect with the temp starting in the high 50’s and finishing in the low 80’s, with a nice breeze.

23 Mile – Top 5 male

  1. Jake Anderson – 3:20
  2. Chris Ho – 3:25
  3. Steve Appleton – 3:35
  4. J.B. Mullins – 3:35
  5. Cory Johnson – 3:35
Chrissy with Big Kitty male winner,

Chrissy with Big Cat male winner, Jake Anderson (Photo: Courtesy Chrissy Ferguson)

23 Mile – Top 5 female

  1. Deb Baker – 3:47
  2. Barbara Mariani – 3:52
  3. Stacey Shaver – 4:24
  4. Tina Coutu – 4:35
  5. Jenny Wilkes – 4:40
Chrissy with Big Cat female winner,

Chrissy with Big Cat female winner, Deb Baker (Photo: Courtesy Chrissy Ferguson)

12 Mile – Top 5 female

  1. Whitney Kerth – 1:50
  2. Lauren Harrington – 2:24
  3. Kelly Frantz – 2:24
  4. Lisa Mullis – 2:33
  5. Kurstie Hauser – 2:38
Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

12 Mile – Top 5 male

  1. Barrett Kerth – 1:33
  2. Daniel Arnold – 1:43
  3. Jeff  Thostenson – 1:49
  4. Jim Tadel – 1:53
  5. Scott Heck – 1:54

Complete results for both races.

I would like to especially thank The Central Arkansas Water Company and Rocky Johnson for allowing us to once again host our fun run from the Lake Winona Park.

Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

As for all our volunteers; Pete Ireland helped me with course markings and trail clean-up on Friday. On race day Marvin Fisher helped with parking cars on the road once the parking lot filled and with finish line food. Kristen Garrett helped with runner check in, finish line setup, cat/kitty awards, runner finishing check-in and anything else that was needed that day. To Joe Jacob for taking all the photos which you can view at Susy Phillips, Jayme Sturgeon, Elaine Gimblet and Grant Davis setup aid stations at the overlook and low water bridge on the course.

A “BIG THANKS!” to all of these volunteers, without them there wouldn’t be a Cat/Kitty fun run.

AURA Runners Rock!

– Chrissy Ferguson

A special thanks to Chrissy for sharing with us, and Joe Jacobs and team at Arkansas Outside for sharing their snazzy pics.

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  1. on 19 Jun 2013 at 11:10 am olga

    Nice name for a race, wonder if runners get to smack a cat or two? 🙂