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Pandora’s Box of Rox 2013 Results – Scott Rabb and Anabel Pearson Dial in Hot Efforts within Run-Happy Temps for Marathon Wins

Race Director’s Report – Joe Prusaitis

Pandora’s Box of Rox
Reveille Peak Ranch
Burnet Texas
4 May 2013

Photo: Courtesy Jackie Dove

Photo: Courtesy Jackie Dove

Pandora left the box closed this year, allowing for the most phenomenal weather on race morning. 41 degrees in Texas in May is simply uncommon. Last year, we had a roasting 96 degrees and 90% humidity. A large piece of this course wanders around like foraging fire ants, across a large granite dome, collecting scenic views and rough landings equally.

In the Marathon, Scott Rabb led throughout, with a 1:49 Half, and winning in 3:47:58. Just a few minutes back was Justin Wendling in 3:52:06 and Troy Pruett in 3:52:46. The women’s marathon was owned by Anabel Pearson, going through the half in 2:00 and winning in 4:12:01. The next three women came in about three minutes apart: Stephaine Bleich in 4:44:58, Michelle Ottmers in 4:47:41, and Jeanmarie Lord in 4:50:48.


(Scott Rabb and Anabel Pearson leading the way in the marathon race. Photos: Copyright Craig Mitchell and Nathan Severson of Enduro Photo /

In the Half-Mary, Jason Brooks broke his own course record in 1:38:30, and Clayton Perry was second to Jason again in 1:44:29, while Dave Boyle took third in 1:48:44. The women’s Half course record was reset also, by Yanory Hernandez in 1:53:26, coming in fourth overall. Katie Visco was second in 1:57:59, with Yliana Rodriguez third in 2:09:43.


(Half marathon winners, Jason Brooks and Yanory Hernandez. Photos: Copyright Craig Mitchell of Enduro Photo /

The 10km course records were reset also. 16 year old, Ryan Saenger, won in 41:18, followed by 51 year old Gary Krupala in 43:10, and Juan Flores in 43:51. The women’s 10km was reset by Susan Farago in 50:53, with Sarah Harris second in 53:17, and Lisa Hutson third in 57:36.


(Ryan Saenger and Susan Farago leading the way in the marathon race. Photos: Copyright Craig Mitchell and Nathan Severson of Enduro Photo /

Even though the race started almost perfect, the temperature had doubled by 3:00pm to 81 degrees for the back of packers, who could not get off the dome quick enough. Still, the Marathon finished 94 of 102, the Half finished all 134 runners, and the 10km had 53 of 54, so the weather held long enough for most.

Photo: Courtesy Jackie Dove

Photo: Courtesy Jackie Dove

Pandora’s course exists entirely on the property of Reveille Peak Ranch, which has one of the very best packages for runners in central Texas. The trails are almost entirely single-track, the parking is more than sufficient, the bathroom & shower facilities are as nice and cared for as is possible, the pavilion complete with wading pool, kitchen, tables, chairs, shade, and all is simply hard to beat for a start/finish area. Top it all off with the owner Vol Montgomery, one heck of a nice guy and hanging around all day just to make sure everything was as we wanted it. This place is hard to beat.

– Joe Prusaitis

Check out more great pics at Enduro Photo.

Complete results for all distances.

Special Thanks to Craig Mitchell, Nathan Severson and Rick Kent of Enduro Photo, Jackie Dove, and Joe Prusaitis for their support with this article. 

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About the author

Joe Prusaitis Joe Prusaitis ran his first trail race in 1996, a 50 miler. Since then, he has ran at least 100 ultras, nearly 50 marathons, and a variety of other odd and various distances. Joe also sits on the USAT&F South Texas board, representing Mountain/Trail/Ultra. For more information on Joe, check out the About page where you can see his coaching and race directing projects.

2 Responses to “Pandora’s Box of Rox 2013 Results – Scott Rabb and Anabel Pearson Dial in Hot Efforts within Run-Happy Temps for Marathon Wins”

  1. on 20 May 2013 at 2:29 pm Ben

    I really really liked this course. I ran it at night last summer, but really got to appreciate it at the box of Rox. I’m looking forward to the 60k in August. Great race!!!

  2. on 21 May 2013 at 9:40 am David Hanenburg

    Hey Ben, Thanks for sharing. I ran it last summer as well. Great venue.

    I bet the wildflowers had to zest it up a bit in the Spring.

    Happy Running!