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tasc Performance Women’s Clothing Review: Versatile and Comfy Bamboo Active Wear

I was introduced to tasc Performance athletic apparel at Endurance Buzz Adventures inaugural trail race, Isle du Bois, back in 2011. Soft bamboo v-neck race shirts for the women – woohoo! Something different, and much better than the usual ill-fitting cotton shirts or plain tech tees that some races provide. I loved the way the material stretched and felt soft on my skin – like a favorite old t-shirt that you never want to take off.

tasc Streets V shirt and black Capri pants.

tasc Streets V shirt and black Capri.

I went to the website to check out the company and product as soon as I got home and discovered that the fabric is derived from all-natural bamboo fibers and organic cotton.

From the tasc Performance website:

tasc Performance is the next generation of performance quality and comfort. It is the premier choice for active lifestyles like yours—natural comfort, outstanding endurance and a welcome alternative to stinky, sticky, scratchy polyester. Tired of “odor shields” that wash off … and fabric that chafes and sticks to your body like plastic? We were. That’s why we developed performance apparel that utilizes bamboo and other natural fibers that wick moisture, dry fast, fight odor, block the sun’s rays, allow for unparallel comfort and are sustainable.

I ended up ordering a couple more of the v-neck t-shirts, long sleeved waffle weave shirts, capri tights and a jacket. Over the last year and a half I have picked up a few other tasc Performance items here and there and they have held up great. Although a bit pricey, tasc has quickly become my favorite running apparel.

tasc V-tank and fitted Capri pants.

tasc V Tank and fitted Capri.

In hot weather, the clothes breathe much better than the traditional technical material, and have no lingering odors even after washing, like technical material can have. I’ve probably washed and worn some of my shirts over 100 times apiece and they all have held up great and still fit and look like new. There is contrasting stitching on each apparel item I own that is durable and shows no signs of fraying or wear.

The tights are extremely soft, stretchy and deliciously comfortable. I bought them for running, but admit to wearing them for everything – yoga, hiking, housework..they are the most comfortable running tights I’ve ever owned.

The waffle weave long sleeved shirts do double duty as both a base layer for cold weather running, and a shirt to wear on casual Friday at work. I can get away with wearing any of the tasc Performance clothing as “street clothes” as well as running clothes – very versatile! Not something I can do with most running clothing.

Some of the benefits to bamboo clothing:

  • Natural – bamboo naturally resists disease so no harmful chemical spraying is required during growing.
  • Environmentally friendly – renewable and sustainable. Yay green!
  • UV protection – natural clothing choice for days out in the sun since bamboo resists UV rays.
  • Durability – bamboo is able to release soils and stains better than other fabrics.
  • Softness – can’t beat the soft feeling of bamboo!

Here is a picture of a new tasc Performance shirt that I recently bought. I love it! I’m wearing the Tropical Tank, Performance Headband and Fitted Capri – all tasc Performance.


tasc Tropical Tank, Performance headband, and Capri

The tank is flowy, soft and great for warm weather. It has a contrasting color ribbon at the bottom so you can cinch the bottom of the tank as tight as you want or leave it looser. The headband is stretchy and the sizing is great. Some headbands give me a headache but I wear these all day with no problem. Very comfortable and comes in seven pretty colors.

You can check out everything tasc has to offer at tasc Performance. Receive a special 20% discount with discount code ebuzz20 at checkout!

– Julie Dolph

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About the author

Julie Dolph Julie’s running journey began 13 years ago and has since learned so much about herself. She learned about personal strength and perseverance. Anything is possible! Three years after starting this trail running journey, Julie is proud to have finished a variety of distances up to 50 miles. For more information on Julie, check out the About page where you can visit her adventure blog.

4 Responses to “tasc Performance Women’s Clothing Review: Versatile and Comfy Bamboo Active Wear”

  1. on 09 May 2013 at 10:15 am olga

    Wow, I love all the positive you describe! I’ve been knitting with bamboo lately:) Feels so soft! I guess I better use that coupon!

  2. on 13 May 2013 at 1:49 pm David Hanenburg

    Olga – Some of the most comfortable running shirts I have worn. I will be wearing one of them at Jemez in a few weeks. One of my go-to shirts from Fall through Spring in the South.

    In the dog days of summer, I am a soaking puddle no matter what I do. Even the tasc shirts don’t have a chance. From my experience, the tasc shirts do really well with odors. Wash them up and you have a “new” shirt again. Sometimes my tech shirts will hold arm-pit stank…this may be good to pull out at mile 90 of a 100 miler to wake yourself up for that final 10 mile push, otherwise no likey. 🙂

    Would love to hear your thoughts if you give them a try.

  3. on 14 May 2013 at 5:58 am Steve

    I am a cheapskate in some ways so I am always tempted to do the “no shirt” option at EBA registration. Those shirts are so dang comfortable I end up getting one anyways…

  4. on 15 May 2013 at 7:46 am olga

    I missed out on a coupon! Will have to run your race, David:)