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A-OK Trail Run 2013 Results – Women Outnumber Men in 19th A-OK

David: Enjoy as race director Mary Ann Miller shares her race recap from the laid-back and beautiful “A-OK” Trail Run near Atoka, Oklahoma.

Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett

Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett

This low-key, relatively easy trail race is held on my Oklahoma mountain property. Of necessity it is a small race (75 runners limit) since I bring all the food & supplies from my home in Plano, Texas. But this inexpensive race ($25) offers camping (with a real outhouse), bonfire, pre-race pasta, homemade cookies, & post-race chili. Finishers receive cedar plaques made from a tree cut on the property & jars of honey or Amish jam. Male & female & Seniors (50+) are awarded bottles of local wine & free entry into next year’s race if held. Overall winners of both races also received free TrailRunner subscriptions. This event is family friendly, with stuffed animals as “freebies,” reminiscent of SunMart.

The relaxing vibe. (Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett)

Relaxing in the beautiful pines at the start/finish. (Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett)

Race day weather was perfect, cool at the start but warming up nicely by midday. Temperatures were in the twenties the day before and in the seventies the day after! For the elite few this is a competitive event; for most it is a scenic run followed by camaraderie around a wood burning cast iron stove. Official finish times were those recorded on the finish line pictures taken by photographer Mike Langille as they passed under the “A-OK” banner.

Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett

Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett

Newcomer Cole Starkey (2:07:37) won the 25K; newcomer Rachel Wyrick (2:19:10) was first female. Senior winners were 55 year-old James Umpleby (2:19:01) & 55 year-old Laurie Underwood (2:44:21). Youngest finisher was 10 year old Madison Malocsay (3:44:40) in her first 25K.


Cole Starkey relaxing post-race. (Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett)

Darin Schneidewind came from Kansas to win the 50K (3:56:33). Senior 50K winner was Steve Griffin (5:25:30). Lisa McGinnis was first 50K female (5:31:10); there was no senior female to claim the last bottle of wine. Final finisher Ken Ashby (7:19:30) helped set up the original course 19 years ago; his reward was a box of chocolates.


Darin Schneidewind going sub-4 in the 50km win. (Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett)


Lisa McGinnis winning the female scamper. (Photo: Courtesy Russell Bennett)

Complete results (.xlsx file)

Many thanks to Ben Bray, Marvin Skagerberg, & my son Barry, who helped set up the course and clean up afterwards, Brian & Jessica Baldwin, who set up the Cross Timbers clock borrowed from Teresa Estrada, Dave Wood at Aid 1 & Dora Bray at Aid 2, who provided so much real food that some didn’t want to leave!

You can view pictures at:

– Mary Ann Miller, R.D.

David: Special thanks to Mary Ann Miller and Russell Bennett for their gracious support with this article.

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2 Responses to “A-OK Trail Run 2013 Results – Women Outnumber Men in 19th A-OK”

  1. on 04 Apr 2013 at 11:21 am John

    Cole won this despite doing an extra out-and-back on the way back to the finish, tacking on at least 2 miles to his 25k. On top of that, he won the 25k at Post Oak the day before. Incredible performance that weekend.

  2. on 04 Apr 2013 at 11:52 am David Hanenburg

    Nice insight John! Impressive indeed.

    Also, nice 50k scamper by yourself as well!