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2013 Cowtown Ultramarathon – Q&A with Fastest Tread Logan Sherman

“At mile 20.5, my father was there to hand out drinks and I turned to him asking for two unopened GUs at the next exchange. Well…he opened both of them. Without me knowing I put one in my back pocket and noticed the first one was open. I started eating it until I felt some GU on my back…I reached back and saw that this was an opened CHOCOLATE GU that I had placed in my back.” – Logan Sherman, First Across the Line at the The Cowtown Ultramarathon

Stuff happens even for the fast dudes!

26 year old DFW metro local, Logan Sherman, won one of the few road ultramarathons in the TALON region on February 24, The Cowntown Ultramarathon. Logan pumped his fists in excitement as he crossed the 50km finish line in 3:10:40 and set a new course record by over seven minutes as he pushed the pace along the streets of downtown Ft. Worth, Texas!

Logan Sherman

Logan Sherman celebrating after crossing the finish line and winning The Cowtown Ultra (Photo credit: Courtesy of Barbie Weller)

This was not Logan’s first dash at the event. In fact, Logan has won every distance the event offers from 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon…and now ultramarathon! Nice!

This fast-footed chiropractor-in-training, was once overweight in his youth and then decided to lace them up to spend time with his father, lose weight, and become more healthy. Since those early miles, running has become a passion and a means to share a healthy lifestyle with his local community.

Enjoy our Q&A with Logan.

EB: You came into The Cowtown Ultra after putting together a solid 2:47 finish at the Dallas marathon in early December. What did your transition look like after the marathon and then prep for the 50km?

To be honest I was very disappointed in my Dallas Marathon time. I had used most of the Fall to prepare for a fast marathon and was in 2:18-20 shape. The Fall was difficult for me because I had began my transition into becoming a chiropractic intern…most of my hours/energy went to taking care of patients (which has always been a primary area for me). But my prep runs for the marathon went well and I had even ran a 2:28 time on the exact marathon course three weeks before without any aid stations, etc. However, the day of the marathon I just couldn’t put all the pieces of the puzzle together. And that’s how it is…some days we have it and some days we don’t (and that’s not just running…that’s life).

After the marathon I had to take quite a bit of recovery. The marathon temperature was upper 70s with 80% humidity…my body and my mind just needed a rest after not performing well. Mentally I was more devastated than anything. But I knew that my next big feat was The Cowtown ultra marathon.

Speaking with my coach, we had decided that I needed to focus more on quality than of quantity…but keeping the ultra in mind he allowed me to have long runs up to 23-25 miles. I felt great but questioned my ability to run the full 50km off of speed work and one long run…but my fitness had never felt better. So honestly my weekly mileage wasn’t at what I would have picked for myself having chosen an ultra distance…but in hindsight I learned so much about my body and that sometimes that quality of training triumphs quantity.

As runners/triathletes/endurance/trail runners we often say if one of something is good than two or three surely must be better. But that’s often not the case…and I’ve read my fair share of exercise physiology books to know that quality is really what’s missing in our day to day lives.

Example workouts:

  • 18-20 x400s 65-66sec
  • 8-10 x800s 2:20
  • 6 xmile 5min

*These workouts varied considerably. Due to the hours at clinic I would be up by 4:45am and on the track by 5:30am (after responding to emails or reading the paper)…then I had to be showered and at the clinic by 8:00am. Sometimes I felt rushed and unable to get the proper cool down or full workout.

EB: It looks like you ran an extremely even pace all day at this year’s Cowtown. How would you describe how the day played out? Any challenges you had to work through?

You know, I don’t think that I could have had a better day. Nutrition-wise and pace-wise, I felt great.

During the first mile I was actually running with my friend Craig Ottman, who won the mile. I started developing a side stitch and had to tell him that I was going to slow down the pace a little. Once I focused on breathing and calmed down, things went very smoothly.

The toughest part were miles 7-10 which led you uphill into downtown. After that I jumped on a group of two marathoners that I had known and paced with them (even shared some of my nutrition with them).

At mile 20.5 my father was there to hand out drinks and I turned to him asking for two unopened GUs at the next exchange. Well…he opened both of them. Without me knowing I put one in my back pocket and noticed the first one was open. I started eating it until I felt some GU on my back…I reached back and saw that this was an opened CHOCOLATE GU that I had placed in my back. I was completely embarrassed but that was the funny/difficult part of the day. I started hitting 5:40s around miles 20-26 then had to throttle back because I should have taken a GU or two more towards the end. But all said and done, it was fun and a very funny story.

EB: You ran the 50km back in 2011 in 3:39. Were there lessons learned from that run you brought forward to this year’s scamper? What supported your 28+ minute improvement over your first attempt at the distance?

I did run the ultra back in 2011. It was the day after running a 15:30 5km (which was part of the plan to win all the races that Cowtown has to offer). My first lesson is that ultramarathons are no joke! I have such a tremendous respect for the people who do it all the time. I know that if you want to run a distance like that you need to take it seriously and prepare your body properly.

I’ve always enjoyed running any distance event and this put it all in perspective. You just feel your body and it’s almost like you have a dashboard in front of you telling you where your gas is at, what your RPM is, a flat tire warning, etc..

I think the second lesson I learned from it is that we need to have concrete goals. I once heard the quote “Passion Precedes Pursuit”…and that your goals in life/running need to be definitive and concrete. You should recognize your strengths and weaknesses…and always work on both! See people often think they just need to focus on what they are good at or their weakest “link” but I think the human body is dynamic and we need to focus on both!

EB: Any strong memories on the day?

Def the GU story!

Also, there were two marathoners in front of me and I knew one of them was my best friend Craig Ottman…but I didn’t know what place he was in. When I hit mile 25, right before the marathon and the ultra courses split, I saw the second place guy coming back and I saw it wasn’t Craig! It was such a thrill those next couple of miles to know that my best friend just got the most worthy gift he could receive. He’s been such an inspiration to others and his love for the sport…I don’t really know what went on in my head the last four or five miles but I knew that seeing him at the finish was more exciting to me then crossing the finish line myself. Right when I crossed I saw him and there’s the best picture of us hugging! I was just so excited for him and his family.

EB: Having won every race at the event, what is your most memorable win?

All of them! The ultra was such a great memory because it captured actually completing my entire goal. But my goal was never really about myself winning all these races. It’s that I want someone to see what I had/have done and say “wow, if he can do it, I can do it”…That’s why I love the Cowtown! It offers every race imaginable from the 5km to the ultra marathon. Someone can run a 5km. They can make the steps necessary to run the 10km the following year and then hopefully they build the confidence to finally run a marathon! I love that it promotes people to be healthy and get moving!

EB: Any interest in exploring that dirty world of trail racing? 🙂

I absolutely love the idea of trail running. It’s intrigued me for years! I see people who trail run and I always say to myself “those are true athletes!” Their bodies are so much more adapt than a marathon and (as a future chiropractor) the reason they don’t get injured isn’t because of the soft ground but because their bodies are so willing to adapt to change. Our bodies are capable of adapting to anything, to any stressors of life, if we give it the appropriate training and rest.

My next goal is the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials and to help as many patients as I can when I get out in practice! But for now…trail running is a strong possibility in the near future. I would love to run the Western States 100 as my first trail ultra!

Logan is supported by Spring Valley Spine & SportsCare and his father, Dr. Allan Sherman. 

I hope you enjoyed all the insights Logan shared on his running journey and a number life gems tucked amongst the 400s, chocolate GU, and finish line celebration. Great stuff!

Thanks again to Logan for sharing with the trail and ultra tribe!

Also, here are the top 5 men and women finishers of this year’s The Cowtown Ultra.

Top 5 men

  1. Logan Sherman – 3:10:40
  2. Jason Razo – 3:27:06
  3. Nicholas Beers – 3:38:27
  4. Todd Reynolds – 3:40:48
  5. Paul Petrie – 3:43:10

Top 5 women

  1. Kelley Aviles – 4:07:31
  2. Meghan Hennessey – 4:12:28
  3. Linda Truong – 4:20:51
  4. Laura Nelson – 4:23:33
  5. Amy Ewing – 4:27:27

Complete Ultra results.

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