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White Rock Classic 2013 Results – Tom Brennan and Katie Helms Lead the Dash Up and Down White Rock Mountain

Another amazing weather day in the TALON region was experienced in Brannon, Arkansas for the 19th running of the low-key White Rock Classic. This groomed, dirt road, rolling scamper leads one to the top of White Rock mountain and back again. A healthy 3749 feet of climbing goodness across the 33+ mile scamper. If 25+ km is enough for ya, dash to the top and call it a day. Just coordinate a ride back to the start.

Photo: Courtesy of Deb Baker


A group of happy runners keeping it steady. (Photo: Courtesy Deb Baker)

50 km

Men’s Race

After a spicy win at the Athens-Bigfork grunt-fest in early January, Tom Brennan continues to showcase that top-end turnover with a 4:31 win with Thomas Chapin leading the chase in second.

Cliff Ferren gliding along the course. (Photo: Courtesy Deb Baker)

Top 5 male

  1. Tom Brennan – 4:31
  2. Thomas Chapin – 4:49
  3. Stan Ferguson – 4:54
  4. Chris Montgomery – 5:09
  5. Stephen Ray Stafford – 5:16

Nicholas Norfolk in the zone. (Photo: Courtesy Deb Baker)

Women’s Race

Midway through the run to the top of White Rock mountain, Katie Helms and Shelley Egli were positioned at the front of the female race.

Shelley was lovin’ the downhills.

“I got into a steady pace and felt really good. After a few miles, a friend from Tulsa came up behind me and said, “You know you are running a 8:30 pace.” I was actually shocked that I was. I tried to slow down, but I love running downhill, so I didn’t let up.”

Around mile 13 or 14, Shelley flowed down another good hill that “just kept going down and down.”

And then…

“I looked up ahead and saw that we were going to be going straight up.”

To the top of White Rock mountain!

A special memory of this section of the course – icicles in the shade along the road.

“It was so beautiful!”

A little over a mile from the turnaround, Shelley was power walking up the steep grade and Katie made the pass…running.

“She [Katie] looked very strong.”

To the aid station turnaround where Katie was taking care of hydration and nutrition needs, Shelley quickly checked in and took off down the mountain.

Shelley kept a nice steady effort and around a mile after the turnaround, Katie came hammering by.

“She [Katie] came flying by me on a downhill and I never saw her the rest of the day until the finish. She had a great run.”

Katie Helms heading down... (Photo: Courtesy Deb Baker)

Katie went on to win the female race in 5:26 with Shelley holding a solid effort to the finish for second place honors.

Top 5 female

  1. Katie Helms – 5:26
  2. Shelley Egli (Tulsa Runner) – 5:50
  3. Tina Ho – 6:45
  4. Michele McGrew – ??
  5. Eunika Rogers – 6:50

Chrissy Ferguson all smiles (Photo: Courtesy Deb Baker)

25 km

Women’s Race

Dana Dorch and Diane Diebold led all women in the run to the top!

Top 5 female

  1. Dana Dorch – ??
  2. Diane Diebold – 2:31
  3. Shelley Flones – 3:10
  4. Chrissy Ferguson – 3:18
  5. Joan Sobeski – 3:37

Photo: Courtesy Deb Baker

Men’s Race

John Hughes separated from the chase pack to win the male race with Jeremy Pate holding onto second with a string of chasers close behind.

Top 5 male

  1. John Hughes – 2:16
  2. Jeremy Pate – 2:23
  3. Leigh Davis – 2:26
  4. Erich Washausen – 2:27
  5. Derick Shackelford – 2:27

Complete results for the 50 km and 25 km

Special thanks to Shelley Egli and Deb Baker for their gracious support with this article.

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