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Bandera Preview: 1000 Entrants – USATF 100km Trail Championship – Western States Slots Up For Grabs

This weekend, the small, laid-back cowboy town of Bandera, Texas will easily double in size with nearly 1000 entrants creating a trail running stampede from over 30 states and five countries. The Bandera Trail Run continues to grow and will likely have a starting list 20% bigger than 2012. This adventure will contain a mix of fresh trail running blood along with those going after their 1000th finisher kilometer at a race that started back in 2003 with 179 bib’d runners. This year will be the 11th annual for those keeping track.

Once again, the USATF 100 km Trail Championship will take place on the two-loop course filled with rock-littered 200-300 foot climbs and some high turnover flat and groomed sections. It really is a nice mix of terrain that requires a variety of skills in order to win or podium. Those in the championship race will also be after a bit of podium (top 3) cash ranging from $300 – $1000 for both the male and female race. Fastest male and female age 40+, will leave with $200. USATF awards will go 10 deep for both male and female and then Masters awards in five year increments starting at age 40 (that would mean first Masters age group 40-44).

An added incentive to finish top two male or female in the 100 km overall (both championship and non-championship division combined) is automatic entry into that popular, little California race called Western States 100. You may have heard of it. This is due to Bandera’s involvement with the 2013 Montrail Ultra Cup Series.

Photo: David Hanenburg

One somewhat interesting and uncontrollable factor is the weather. We will be lucky to accurately predict the weekend’s weather by Thursday or Friday but it appears there could be some added fun…or at a minimum, a packed trail along with some dust-free running for those near the main road to the Lodge.

Collecting Bandera Kilometers

This year there are 12 runners that just can’t get enough of Bandera and are going after their 500th or 1000th finisher kilometer!

Who they be?

500km Hopefuls:

  • Mark Lindsey
  • Steven Moore
  • Lorenzo Sanchez
  • Chris Russell
  • Melanie Fryar
  • Les Ellsworth
  • Kent Fish
  • Lee Whitlock
  • Gerardo Ramirez
  • Barbara Hitzfeld

1000km Hopefuls

  • Bill Patience
  • Diana Heynen

Both Diana and Bill have finished each of the 10 Bandera adventures to date and both are currently sitting at 950 finisher kilometers (9 100km finishes, 1 50km finish)!

USATF 100 km Championship – Giddy Up!

51 men and 25 women are ready to lace them up for the championship!

After last year’s exciting scamper, what are things looking like this year?

Men’s Race

Three of the top ten finishers of last year’s scamper are back and include Dave Mackey (2nd – 8:38), Paul Terranova (6th – 9:08), and Steven Moore (10th – 10:12). A top 10 placing won’t come easy again this year with a number of new faces and fast tread ready to get after it Saturday morning.

Here are a few of those lookin’ to push the pace.

Dave Mackey (CA) – 2012 North Face 50mile 6:17 15th, Western States 100 15:53 4th, Bandera 100km 8:38 2nd.

Comment: Dave always brings a consistent effort. Being familiar with the course and the spicy second place finish last year places him as a top guy to watch. Watch for him to move through the field on loop two.

Dave James (AZ) – 2012 Burning River 100 win 15:02, Nueces 50mile 2nd 6:43. 2011 Bandera 100km 8:33 2nd

Comment: Dave is definitely familiar with the course and has some fast times on the course. This dude loves to go out like a rocket. If his body responds, watch out.

Sage Canaday (CO) – UROC 2012 100k 8:12 2nd, 2012 White River 50mile 6:16 1st

Comment: One fast dude. PR marathon of 2:16. Took down Anton Krupicka’s White River 50 mile course record. Sage will obviously crush the flats, how will he respond to the technical sections?

Paul Terranova (TX) – 2012 ultra slam and then added a Kona Ironman finish to round out the year. 2012 was Paul’s first 100 mile race and finish at Western States in 20:12:15. 2012 Bandera 100km 9:08 6th.

Comment: Besides absorbing the big race miles in 2012, the ultra distance race management may have been Paul’s biggest gain from last year’s ultra journey. The dude has definitely increased the size of his ultra tool box. Watch for Paul to raise his game.

Steven Moore (TX) – 2012 Cactus Rose 100 17:34 (CR), Superior Sawtooth 100 21:02 (CR), Bandera 100km 10:12. 2011 Bandera 100km 9:32.

Comment: Steven likely has names for every rock on the trail system and has some spicy efforts to go along with it. Some big performances in 2012 including a couple 100 mile course records (Cactus Rose and Superior Sawtooth). Watch for him getting after it in the top 10 all day.

Jeff Browning (OR) – 2012 Wasatch 100 19:33 1st. Sub-8 50 miler.

Comment: 100 mile crusher! Jeff eats them for a snack. The dude also has some healthy 50km speed as well.

Joshua Brimhall (NV) – 2012 JFK 50 mile 6:43, White River 50 7:03 3rd.

Chris Lundstrom (MN) – 2012 Superior Trail 50km 3:56 1st, American River 50mile 6:16 4th.

Dan Vega (CO) – 2012 Nueces 50 mile 7:13 5th. 2010 Bandera 100km 9:26.

Karl Meltzer (UT) – A huge collection of wins and top placing. 100 mile distance is his home. Big 100 mile efforts starting last July through November: Chimera 100 17:30 2nd, Grindstone 100 17:13 1st, Run Rabbit Run 100 19:16 1st, Hardrock 100 28:43 7th.

Comment: The 100km is likely Karl’s warm-up distance but he is coming out to play…hopefully! Currently dealing with some tweaks, we hope to see him stay in the game and make it to the finish. After a brief chat with Karl, he mentioned, “I don’t care if you say I’m sandbagging.”…Not from my mouth.

Gary Gellin (CA) – 2012 North Face 50 mile 6:06.

Comment: Gary is a low 20 hour 100 miler (Zion and The Bear).

Zachary Violett (OR) – 2012 North Face 50mile 6:33 24th.

Comments: Zach appears more of a sub 50km runner with speed. Can he dial in the details for 100km?

James Brennan (CO) – 2012 Otter Creek 26mile 3:43, JFK 50mile 7:15.

Glenn Mackie (TX) – 2012 Western States 100 19:17. 2010 Bandera 100km 10:08.

Brent Bellm (TX) – 2012 Wild Hare 50km 4:26 1st, Nueces 50mile 8:07.

Comments: Brent looks new to the 50+ mile distances.

Jack Pilla (VT) – 2012 Massanutten 100 21:07 4th, Bandera 100km 10:46

Lorenzo Sanchez (TX) – 2012 Cactus Rose 100 18:05 2nd. 2010 Bandera 100km 11:12.

Comment: Don’t be surprised to see Lorenzo knock down that 2010 Bandera time.

Jeremy Humphrey (ID) – 2012 2nd Pinhoti 100 – 17:41, Cascade Crest 100 18:31 1st.

Erik Stanley (TX) – 2012 Cactus Rose 50m win 7:14 (CR), 2012 Big Sur Trail marathon 3:02 (CR).

Comment: Erik is fairly new to the sport but if he can dial in a few of the details, he could surprise a number of runners.

Eric Loffland (GA) – 2012 Nueces 50mile 8:21, Cowtown road 50km 3:28.

Charles Corfield (CO) – 2012 Leadville 100 20:57, Tahoe Rim 50mile 9:21.

Hannon Dilder (LA) – 2012 The North Face 50km (KS) 3:52.

[If you have any additional insight on any of the runners above or have another name you think will be in the mix, feel free to share.]

Special Note:

Ian Maddieson of New Mexico, a trail and ultra running veteran with a huge list of 100 mile finishes with his last being Arkansas Traveller in 29:12, will be lacing them up in the USATF 100km championship! Oh yeah, one more thing. Ian is 70 years young!

Women’s Race

Out of the top 10 finishers in 2012, three (hopefully) are back (all Texans) in 2013. On paper it looks like a deeper women’s field as compared to last year and I sense a couple mini-races forming – one for top five and another group going after a top 10 placing.

Meghan Arbogast (OR) – 2012 Speedgoat 50km 8:03 11th, Western States 100 19:45 10th, Miwok 100km 12:32, 2011 Bandera 100km 10:19 3rd.

Comment: Highly accomplished. Tough.

Liza Howard (TX) – 2012 Bandera 100km 9:56 2nd, Leadville 100 20:44 2nd, Western States 100 21:00 14th.

Comment: Finished second last year but took a fall during a recent run and well…shoe no longer fits. Sounds like Liza will decide on Friday whether she will run or not.

Melanie Fryar (TX) – 2012 Pinhoti 100 20:25 3rd, Nueces 50 mile 7:45 2nd, Bandera 50km 4:24 1st.

Comment: A free spirit. Will likely be hanging around the front.

Stephanie Howe (OR) – 2012 The North Face SF 50 mile 6:41 2nd, Moab Trail marathon 3:44 5th.

Comment: Has the top-end speed. The 100km may be Stephanie’s longest race.

Alicia Hudelson (WI) – 2012 Marquette Trail 50 mile 9:19 1st, Chippewa Moraine 50km 4:58 2nd.

Jennifer Brenna (NV) – 2012 Pine to Palm 100 23:41 2nd, Waldo 100km 12:01 4th, Speedgoat 50km 7:34 7th.

Erica Baron (NM) – 2012 Flagline 50km win 4:11, Jemez 50 mile 9:29 2nd.

Comment: Plenty of experience in the 50km and shorter distance. If Erica brings her turnover to the 100km, she will be in the mix.

Shannon Meredith (CO) – 2012 San Juan Solistice 50 mile 11:34 5th.

Susan Levitan (TX) – 2012 Bandera 100km 15:19 7th.

Tracy Hoeg (WI) – 2012 Mad City 50km 4:09 1st, Three Days of Syllamo 50 mile 10:20.

Sandi Nypaver (CO) – 2012 The North Face SF 50 mile 7:28 11th, Silverton Alpine 26 mile 4:24 1st.

Rachel Ballard (TX) – 2012 The Wild Hare 50 mile 8:32 1st, Cactus Rose 100 24:52 1st, Bandera 100km 13:02.

Jean Cummings Perez (TX) – 2012 Cactus Rose 100 27:58 3rd, Bandera 100km 14:28.

Jennifer Aradi (IL) – 2012 Heartland 100 19:35 1st, Ice Age Trail 50 mile 9:43 14th.

Anabel Pearson (TX) – 2012 Texas Trail 50 mile 8:53 1st, Hells Hills 50k 5:09 1st, 2011 Bandera 100km 12:37.

Sydney Pitt (TX) – 2012 Nueces 50km 4:52 1st.

[update – Definitely missed one oops – Sabrina Little]

Sabrina Little (TX) – 2012 Rocky Raccoon 100 17:06 1st, North Coast 24 hour 147.9 miles, BOMF 24 hour 135.2 miles.

Comment: Sabrina set the 24 hour American Record this year at North Coast! Sabrina also was 10th in votes for Ultrarunning magazine’s North American ultra runner of the year! Yes, I think she is worth a mention.

[update 2 – Thanks Chris for the catch! – Michele Yates]

Michele Yates (CO) – 2012 Moab Trail Marathon 3:37 3rd, Nueces 50 mile 7:25 1st.

Comment: 2:40 at last year’s Olympic marathon trials. 1:20-ish road half marathoner. She got speed. Michele has proven she can handle the technical trail as well with her win at Nueces.

[If you have any additional insight on any of the runners above or have another name you think will be in the mix, feel free to share.]

More Bandera Goodies

If you haven’t check them out yet, here are a few course tips:

All the best to everyone running this weekend!

Be sure to enjoy the views on some of those hills.

See you there!

Be active – Feel the buzz!

David –

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David Hanenburg David Hanenburg is the passionate dirt-lovin' creator of Endurance Buzz and has been playing in the endurance sports world since 2000 after knockin' the dust off of his Trek 950 hardtail thanks to a friend asking to go ride some local dirt. In 2007 he ran his first ultra on the trails and fell in love with the sport and its people. For more information on David's endurance sports journey, check out the About page.

2 Responses to “Bandera Preview: 1000 Entrants – USATF 100km Trail Championship – Western States Slots Up For Grabs”

  1. on 10 Jan 2013 at 9:15 am Chris R.


    Great preview. I think you missed one. I believe Michele Yates use to be known as Michele Suszek. She won Nueces 50 last year and is a very strong runner. Like Stephanie she has top end speed and the 100k may be her fastest race. I did originally miss Sabrina Little. If I remember correctly she use to be Sabrina Moran and lived outside Tx. Good catch.

  2. on 10 Jan 2013 at 9:34 am David Hanenburg

    Chris – I knew you would find any holes in my research. Thanks for catching Michele! And the women’s field just got deeper!

    Look forward to catching up with you this weekend and cheering you on.

    I will also save the camera for the post-race tape removal ceremony. 🙂