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Mt. Taylor 50K 2012 Results – Shaun Martin and Katie Arnold Take Home Win in Inaugural New Mexico Trail Adventure

Deep blue skies, a few wispy clouds, and 50 km worth of tread smilin’ single-track and jeep roads all above 9,000 feet at the Mt. Taylor 50 km which took place a short drive west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over 125 finished this adventure that included three big climbs with the largest being the 2000+ foot grunt up Mt. Taylor Peak.

Lance Johnson at the top of Mt. Taylor! (Photo: Copyright Paul Gordon Pictures / )

The course consisted of two main loops with the start/finish snuggled directly in the middle of it all.

Go play!


Flow (Photo: Copyright Paul Gordon Pictures / )

Men’s Race

Shaun Martin of Arizona is often seen tearing it up at the front of the race of any 50 km he enters. Shaun brought the turnover once again and was able to create a small 6+ minute gap at the finish ahead of 2:30-ish road marathoner and Albuquerque local, Chris Peverada.

Shaun won the male race in 4:17:26.

Shaun finishing strong! (Photo: Copyright Paul Gordon Pictures / )

Top 5 male

  1. Shaun Martin – 4:17:26
  2. Chris Peverada – 4:24:09
  3. Jesse Armijo – 4:49:46
  4. Shane Peterson – 4:50:21
  5. Joshua Brimhall – 4:50:35

Women’s Race

The female race had two New Mexico locals, Katie Arnold and Petra McDowell, inspiring each other in the dash for the female win. Both Katie and Petra have had similar past performances based off of a couple Jemez adventures. So this likely was a fun one!

Katie had the slightly faster pace on this journey and won the female race in 5:22:43.

Petra finished a solid second.

Top 5 female

  1. Katie Arnold – 5:22:43
  2. Petra McDowell – 5:39:36
  3. Betsy Kalmeyer – 5:58:15
  4. Katrin Silva – 6:08:52
  5. Stefanie Tierney – 6:09:45

Lynn Alford - 60 years young, gettin' it done...with a smile! (Photo: Copyright Paul Gordon Pictures / )

Complete Results

Tough As Nails Reflections

Misty Pilgrim of Albuquerque, New Mexico, brought home the Tough As Nails award for being the final finisher in 11:22:55!

Kyle McIntyre of El Paso, Texas crossed the finish around 30 minutes prior to Misty, along with his buddy Josh.

Here is a brief Q&A with Misty:

[EB – Would you consider Jemez 50 km and Mt Taylor similar challenges?]

I would consider them very similar except for the fact that With Jemez Mountain Trail Run you get heat, and the weather was cool and delightful at Mt. Taylor 50k. Big deal for larger runners such as myself. The other factor was that my training has been awful this year, so I would expect to take another thirty off it next year.

[EB – What were your biggest challenges on the day?]

My biggest challenges were weak ankles (I’d wrap those next time, as some of the downhills had loose rock on them) and I suffered from the altitude. My training was sacrificed to finishing grad school and crewing for my beloved, who did the grand slam.

[EB – Any strong memories on the day?]

My strongest memories from the day were the views. They were breathtaking.

You can follow Misty’s adventures on her blog, Athena Diaries.

You can check out Kyle’s EB race report here.

Race Reports and Pics

  • “And, as soon as you leave Gooseberry, it’s all up-mountain from there.  Luckily, the tree cover hid some parts of Mt. Taylor Peak, but if you were sick enough to stare through the trees, you could spot the top of the mountain.” by Jesse @ A Symbolic Quest For…
  • “Up on top of Mt Taylor the views were incredible…I never really knew which direction I was looking at, but it didn’t matter and it was here I wish I had brought my camera. I turned in a circle to take in the incredible 360 degree view, took a deep breath and started down the single track trail to the Caldera Rim aid station, about mile 25.” by Steve @ Granny Nanny and the Old Goat
  • “The timing of the race is perfect:  the changing leaves have erupted into an impressive  fall panorama. The sun rises over the aspens, an explosion of brilliance in shades of gold, contrasting with the bright blue above them.” by Silvakat @ Woman on the Run
  • Race Photos by Paul Gordon Pictures

Special thanks to Misty Pilgrim and Kyle McIntire for sharing with the tribe. Also, thanks to Ken and Paul Gordon (Paul Gordon Pictures) for permission to showcase the great event photos.

Photo: Copyright Paul Gordon Pictures / )

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  1. on 30 Oct 2012 at 12:53 pm Jonathan

    Way to go Betsy! She got me through the middle miles at Jemez – only thing was I didn’t know that she had won Hardrock 5 times! Very humbling.

  2. on 01 Nov 2012 at 7:19 pm David Hanenburg

    Jonathan – Very cool dude! Thanks for sharing!