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Lighthouse Hill Ranch Trail Run 2012 Results – Alexis Llewellyn Wins Overall in 20 Mile Dash

Over 80 runners played on the scenic run-friendly terrain north of Blanco, Texas at the Lighthouse Hill Ranch Trail Run. Rain greeted runners for some of the morning but didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the pavement-free scamper.

(Photo: Courtesy Run in Texas /

Course options included a 10 mile, 20 mile, and 50 km dash.


50 km

Men’s Race

Ryan Haecker led from start to finish to win the male race with a 9:26 average pace and 4:53:04 finish time.

Ryan Haecker (Photo: Courtesy Run in Texas /

Chris Nesbitt ran a solid negative split for second place honors.

Top 5 male

  1. Ryan Haecker – 4:53:04 (gun time)
  2. Chris Nesbitt – 4:54:58
  3. Luke Taylor – 5:16:47
  4. Clay Winnette – 5:50:07
  5. David Nelson – 5:50:40

Women’s Race

Jessica Utsman took to the front of the female race early on. The rain wasn’t something she was initially all that interested in running in.

“I was dreading starting out in the rain and had a poncho and a rain jacket on. So unnecessary!”

Once running, no more worries, just run…or dance.

“The cloud cover and the mist made me want to dance! Good thing there was no one to watch.”

Jessica two-stepped her way to the female win in 6:48:32.

Christiana Garton, Karen Guerra, and Anna Spears all crossed the finished virtually together in 8:16:35-ish.

All 4 female

  1. Jessica Utsman – 6:48:00
  2. Christiana Garton – 8:16:34
  3. Karen Guerra – 8:16:35
  4. Anna Spears – 8:16:36

(Photo: Courtesy Run in Texas /

20 mile

Women’s Race

Alexis Llewellyn was positioned in fourth overall after the first loop. While the front men all slowed during the second loop, Alexis sped up and knocked out a negative split to win the overall and female race in 2:54:29.

Chrissy Cain finished sixth overall and earned second place honors in the female race.

Top 5 female

  1. Alexis Llewellyn – 2:54:29
  2. Chrissy Cain – 3:24:47
  3. Jennifer Beck – 3:36:40
  4. Nicole Jensen – 3:40:44
  5. Stacey Mason – 3:44:16

Alex Ibarra and Sylvia Romero (Photo: Courtesy Run in Texas /

Men’s Race

Ralph Rodriguez led all through the first 10 mile loop. Ralph began to fade over the next 10 miles which allowed Steven Zessin to move up a couple positions and finish first male and second overall behind Alexis. Steven crossed the finish line in 3:00:39.

Steven Zessin (Photo: Courtesy Run in Texas /

Top 5 male

  1. Steven Zessin – 3:00:39
  2. Ralph Rodriquez – 3:04:36
  3. Jack Gaskill – 3:10:51
  4. Jimmy Wewer – 3:15:46
  5. John Branham – 3:30:44

10 mile

Men’s Race

Michael Nosalik averaged an 8:23 pace for the 10 miles to win the male race in 1:23:54.

Marshall Lopez finished second 90 seconds later.

Top 5 male

  1. Michael Nosalik – 1:23:54
  2. Marshall Lopez – 1:25:24
  3. Kevin Beaton – 1:26:09
  4. Brian Twichell – 1:26:11
  5. Ryan Beard – 1:27:51

(Photo: Courtesy Run in Texas /

Women’s Race

Brianne Loya ran within the top 10 of the overall to win the female race in 1:30:50.

Susan Farago finished second and loved the venue and event.

“I have driven past “the lighthouse” on 281 heading into Johnson City many times so it was a great treat to actually run on the property which is privately owned. It’s beautiful! Lots of wildflowers, trees, and Longhorns!”

And then there was this hot tub…

“A hot tub in the middle of a field by a creek. Literally! The race director kept talking about this “hot tub” and I thought he meant that there was part of the creek where the water pooled. But oh no. He was actually talking about a “plug it in, heat it up, and turn on the jets” hot tub! What’s more, it was at the top of 8-10 limestone stairs so we just climbed up and jumped in! It felt FANTASTIC to rinse off in the nearby creek and then get into the hot tub with a cold beer. We could have stayed there all afternoon!”

Leary Walker, Susan Farago, and Lisa Coleman (Photo: Courtesy Run in Texas /

Top 5 female

  1. Brianne Loya – 1:30:50
  2. Susan Farago – 1:36:54
  3. Sylvia Romero – 1:43:04
  4. Lisa Coleman – 1:46:12
  5. Elaine Moore – 1:46:52
Complete results.

Special thanks to Jessica Utsman and Susan Farago for sharing a few thoughts about their adventure. Also, thanks to Run in Texas for the photos above.

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  1. on 23 Oct 2012 at 3:25 pm Steven

    Dang! How did I miss that? Better consult the TALON guide more often! A little mud must have been nice.

  2. on 24 Oct 2012 at 9:23 am David Hanenburg

    Wet Hill Country clay…always ups the fun to any running adventure.

    Now how to get you to check out the guide more often…hmm…a frequent viewer program where you acquire discounts on local beer purchases after looking through the guide? Maybe?

  3. on 30 Oct 2012 at 9:15 am Jeff Linwood

    This was fun! I spent the most time on the course of anyone!

  4. on 30 Oct 2012 at 1:45 pm David Hanenburg

    Hey Jeff – I noticed that. You are Mr. Tough As Nails!! Hope all has been well. Any future adventures planned?